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  • tex_as76205 tex_as76205 Mar 21, 2010 11:14 PM Flag

    TA Upside Next Week

    Watch what happens next week, the 20 DMA turned north late last week, it will continue that turn North as the current 19th and 20th day drop off of that average. The 20 DMA in a setup like this works sort of like gravity as the share price try's to migrate back towards that 20 DMA which is why the stock has started losing it's momentum or direction downward. Watch now as we enter next week and as the 5 DMA changes it's direction and turns North. Once the 5 DMA turns north and crosses the 10 DMA then the bulls will have confirmation and the shorts will begin to scramble.

    T/A is a reflection of the future fundamental state of the company and the perception going forward as the big (smart) money views it. YRCW has been more than open with the state of the company, debt obligations, outlook, risks, and the coming and timing of the reverse split, all of which has had more than enough time to be priced into the stock. The view now will start to shift to a slight optimistic view of hope and stability as the stocks has already priced in it's bottom. Look for a short term target of 70 cents in the next coming week or two then followed by a second target of 85 cents as the stock turns North and takes off. I give the stock a "Strong Buy" in the 42 - 45 cent range. By the way, Monday will close green. :)

    Good Luck All!!!

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    • i don't see anything coming to the upside that would provide upward pressure on price. it's not going to be Q1 results... it MIGHT be false Q2 promises though OR an announcement that other 10% of teamsters succombed to wage concessions...

    • My TA was spot on today, watch what happens as the trading continues this week.

    • Follow it to your hearts content. Same as RVEGAGOLD did.

      All the way from $4....

    • he said no such thing. he said there was a 10% volume increase in the first week of march compared with the first week of jan and feb...

      ...and he would have said 10% increase in productivity, not production as trucking companies don't produce anything

      you have to listen to bill VERY CAREFULLY
      he crafts his words carefully

      ie... comments on first week of march volume vs first week of jan and feb... what a ridiculous comparison, made only because the first week of jan and first week of feb didn't have bad weather.

      imagine the first week of march being 10% higher than the first week of jan... a holiday week with many manufacturers on shutdown... hmmmmmmmmmm

    • TA,

      Just like "No Pain, No Gain"... "No Risk No Reward".

      You'll never make mony by playing too safe or by being reckless... Better odds of being successful is by being opportunistic. I think a lot of the current news is priced in and only new bad news can drive it down. Whereas, any positive news could sent this stock easly higher, esp. if the money managers are scrambling for performance.

      I've seen crazier things happen... If somebody really wanted to play this then options would be the best bet.

    • Because the stock share price is a reflection of the future value of a stock as viewed by the smart money. No one expects Q1 results to be stellar, the winter weather had it's affect on Q1 which historically is always a weak quarter and that has already been made public information thus already priced in. What smart money is going to be looking at is the outlook beyond Q1, if they see various indicators in the market suggesting the outlook for shipping to improve then you will see the upward money flow come in. They won't be looking for these indicators three months from now, they are looking for them now.

    • Zollars stated there was A 10%. Increase in production at the end of the 4th qtr all I'm saying is that it's a move forward not negitive so it will help a liitl bit

    • Oh really?????

      Where do you think the increase in productivity is going to come from??

      You won't even know if YRCW is more productive or not because they never release the numbers. Releasing productivity numbers has never been part of what the company gives the investors so you will have nothing to compare it to.

      And what kind of production are you referring to?

    • You're right.

      But who's going to get greedy over YRCW?

      Why not at least wait until Q1 earnings are out, the dilution is done etc...

    • We must factor in 10% increase in production for qtr1

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