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  • nyse_trader nyse_trader Mar 26, 2010 7:45 AM Flag

    GOLDMAN AND UBS will pump YRCW to over 1 usd in 1 month !! NO dillution will be made !

    GOLDMAN and UBS bought the debt they own 90% of YRCW shares....!!! they do not have interest YRCW to make revrese split and to give short speculators more room to operate....and to short again !!
    GOLDMAN SASH and UBS is buying like a crazy ...and YRCW price will be over 1 1 month !! what you see i the heavy artilery of GS and UBS...NO ONE can stop them>>>NO ONE IN THIS WORLD !!!
    the reverse split is in interest of the short sellers only !! they will not allow it !!!
    the oracle from Bulgaria...what i am saying always happen....V.

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    • what i am saying always happen...the oracle from BG !!

    • To my post from <28-Mar-10 04:27 pm>

      My more sane & humble response to your rather arrogant & rude post...

    • as soon as so, yrcw should be over 2
      it will be coming soon...

    • They dont own 90%..but they see what we see..that YRCW is a pretty good bet to turn around and make some serious cash on.

    • i asked once in a post if you were Slavik.

      i have been down the Danube to Sofia... many years ago...

      you are 100% wrong about an industry you know nothing about... LTL is almost non existent in Europe... completely different there vs in US... i wish you luck though, you do talk a good game

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      • Ken you are the smartest person on this board..respect for you....I am agree that the business of YRCW is risky...but they secure their surviving until 2011 !!! i am swing trader..i do not care about YRCW business, i care about my own business...and it is stock trading !!! i know one simple thing...YRCW will have strong 2-6 months...after that nobody know....the economy must many on and on and on !!! i do not care about the US economy...i know that YRCW will jump to over 1 usd and then nobody know what is going to 2011 !!! you may see YRCW going to 3 usd and may go down to 0.05 usd !!! i will not be on this board then !! i will be on another possition ( capital allocation) !!! i am not in love with any stock ! BUT FOR sure you know that YRCW will jump to 1 usd !! they have very strong the face of Goldman S. and UBS !!! with good new CFO this company may become monster in the future !!! I think that CEO must be replaced too, because he did that the right things ...but a little late !!! he does not have the vision in advance !!! i have the felling that somebody rules him and give him advices how to menage this company...he can not do that alone...that is a reason to be replaced !!!
        THE CEO MUST see the future at least 6 months ahead and to adjust the company move in the right direction in advance...not after starting losing money !! 2 billions losted already !!! and after all then this CEO start reorganizing YRCW !!!
        if I was you KEN...i would cover my short now....become long in 2010 and then if they continue to struugle i may short them again !!! BUT NOW THE ODDS ARE on THE LONG SIDE !!! AT LEAST is what they say !!!
        regarding you question...I am from the small poor BULGARIA !!!
        and trading stiocks is my business!
        I am running my own investing US company from BULGARIA !!
        I will be in Los angeles in 3 days ! Good luck KEN !!
        I respect all smart are one of them !! even that you are from the opposite team !!! good luck !

    • shaun.hammer Mar 26, 2010 10:16 AM Flag

      @nyse_trader: you said Friday's close would be .535-that fits with the trend analysis at who say today and the near term, "Smart Scan Chart Analysis shows the current uptrend is at a crossroads and has possibly ended. Look for choppy trading action in the nearterm Very Weak Uptrend with very tight stops."

      Others have said it will take good news for the stock to advance much higher. I like your attitude but was surprised yesterday when, despite all your positive energy, and hopes for the stock going higher, you said the Friday close would be .535. You seem to be rational but how do you come to the conclusions you do about the effect stockholders would have on possible "manipulation" by big institutional owners?

      • 3 Replies to shaun.hammer
      • do you know something about naked short selling ? do you know something about regular SHO list ot manipulations of the wall street !! i bet my house you do not have any idea what i am talking about !! evry single book for regarding investing in the stock market is talking about fundamentals and techical analysis !! no one have the brave to talk about the manipultions of the markets !! the blood baths!! i am searching among 5000 stocks to discover the most manipulated stocks on the market !
        example: company with with 6 usd cash per share and book value of 12 usd...cost only 3 usd ?!!???! i asking you WHY? how is that possible !!!
        i will say only one thing !!!

      • Honestly you are killing me! i was 1 day away from the compuetr and you call me a day trader !! strange ... guys you have a lot to learn from me....for your own good ! honestly first when you buy something you must know how to evaluate the real value of your many of you have idea what YRCW cost as business when they become profitable in the second qurther ? how many ? i will say...zerro!!! i am reading your coments and i feel like i am in a kirden garden ! sorry for my english if i am wrong !! i have never attented english classes !!! when YRCW was loosing money....this company cost nothing....trash...they have 5 billion business but they cost zerro beacuse they lost money !!!
        BUT .... somebody( their CEO) say that they will be profitabel in Q2/2010 ! did you pay attention how many people spent huge efforts to reorganize this company and to turn it in profitable one !!! or you just focus on the pennies every day !!! and at the same time call me pennie day trader !!! shame of you !! i was the person who organize this board to put GTC sell order at 1 usd otr higher !!
        NO ONE even thanks me for that !!! how many of you got 20% increse yesterday? all of you !! and now you call me day trader !! shame shame shame of you !
        I still hold my 350 000 shares and will hold for some months! the magic with YRCW will not happen overnight !! I am millioner from the stock market !! and i become i millioner for 2 years starting only with 35000 usd and with only 6 transactions(investments) !!! i am swing trader..i am not day trade, not even ilong investor !!!good investments and capital allocation is the key for my success !! read the book of benjamin gracham "value investing"and then we will understand how my mind is working !!!
        i am scanining the whole market( aroudn 5000 stocks) and i choose YRCW !! do you really think that i am so dump to sell my shares for 0.50 usd ? that means to sell the 5 billion profitable business for 500 millions dollars !!! SIMPLE NO WAY !!
        I AM BORN TO BECOME A BILLIONER...not a millioner !!! so please do not call me day trader or pennie trader !! until you spend time on this board ..for me reading your posts is a waste of time...i prefer to spend my time for are the ones who focus on the pennies..tick tack...YRCW will not be 1 usd stock until may..why i have to stay on front of the computer until then ? no reason...NYSE-trade is the bigest asset of this board for all long investors !!! i will give a jocker at the end..according my calculations ...YRCW business cost 2.50 usd per share now !!! so you decide when to sell !!! i will not sell bellow 1.20 usd per share !!! it is that simple !!! WE HAVE HUGE MARGIN OF SAFETY !! i do not know what Huge margin of safety means !! google it pennies traders! and one more must thanks me for the idea which i provide on this board !! it is free...!!

      • Don't pay any attention to NYSE... He is just another Day-trading pumper that is trying to make some pennies...

    • i made mistake...GS and UPS ..they do not buy it...they tradeing this stock like crazy....the buying will dominate the selling until YRCW reach over and learn....!!! V. - the Oracle

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