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  • picker.bottom picker.bottom Apr 5, 2010 3:26 PM Flag

    Ken's Alias Names Tracker (For the Benefit of the Board)

    This post is to track Ken (Better known name on this board) as the leading basher who has a personal grudge against YRC and creates multiple IDs (With all sorts of weird names) just to bash this company.

    Why does he need multiple IDs?

    1) To create a false impression that multiple people have a dismal view on this company. Also, he gets on people's ignore list real fast.

    2) Yahoo locks people down after they exceed certain number of posts/day.

    3) You can also notice the IDs admire and gloat over each other's posts.

    4) He lives on this boards day/night. Obviously, a big agenda trying to bring down a stock with this board...LOL

    Alias List:

    1) RealKenAthom
    2) TruckingAnalyst66
    3) TooBad714
    4) Slim146000
    5) UsfTriples82003
    6) OldFreightBroker
    7) JoeWasHere1046
    8) Ltl_emeritus
    9) TruckingExec
    10) RodRigoWilson
    11) Fraighter
    12) YourSourceIsOpen
    13) KnotFooled
    14) Kenathom
    15) Toofus.Roofus
    16) Hauler1985
    17) SmokeyJuan
    18) TrueTeacher2
    19) I_know_am_but_what_are_you
    20) MyOpinion47
    21) TotalMess247
    22) Cole.Peter98
    23) TrDrTrCkr
    24) TooLateForABrain

    I'm sure there are many more that I'm not aware of. Please feel free to add to the list....

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