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  • kurtslade kurtslade May 28, 2010 11:30 AM Flag

    Walmart to cut out YRCW and others?

    The retailer aims to take over U.S. transportation services from suppliers

    Not good.

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    • Well it is 4:30 am and it is 91 degrees with a due point of 70 degrees here, makes it feel like 98 degrees already. Don't guess I will be going outside today. This is brutal for someone who lives in the Rockies lol.. Everyone who is anyone heard that Walmart was looking to do this. It only gets better for YRC because they are their preferred contractor. For the uninitiated this means Walmart will coerce more shipments to YRC rather than using the shippers preferred contractor. Why do you think all the institutionals have been buying while weak hands have been selling? Hey back home to Switzerland next week and cooler weather, I can't wait. By the way everyone in the states have a great Memorial Day and please remember that this day means more than a barbecue. Your country saved the world a few times over let us never forget. The rest of the world is in your debt.

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      • I dont see big change for yrc in what Walmart is doing.At present yrc handles few truckload volumes for Walmart.Yrc consolidates ltl shipments in two ways,the first is non time critical that a Walmart driver swaps out at yrc second is time critical shipments that are delivered with yrc driver in order to get required delivery documentation.This string of posts means little.

    • Snap,
      Hope is a nice sentiment, but I don't think National is as healthy as you would like to believe. Care to stick your neck out and predict a q02 2010 OR for National, and for YRCW total as well?

      Does your definition of profit mean an OPERATING profit, or just one of those phony-baloney 'before EBITDA' lies that Bill Zollars peddles?

    • YRC consolidates Wal Mart shipments at their terminals. Wal Mart then sends ins their trucks to pick up the consilidated loads.

      This will hurt YRC and Wal Mart as YRC does this very cheap. Like most of their business today they are killing the pricing to get anything.

      Their huge losses have nothing to do with pay or pension, they stopped paying into the pension yet still post huge losses.

      YRC is a dog..

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      • YRC consolidates Wal Mart shipments at their terminals. Wal Mart then sends ins their trucks to pick up the consolidated loads.


        Yellow comes buy and picks up say 50 skids for the southeast region. They take it back to their terminal
        and one skid goes to 50 differnt stores in 50 differnt cities along with freight they have picked up from other shippers going to the same city..
        Walmarts linehoul division is a full truckload.. all they are doing is picking full truckloads coming back from some of their shippers...

    • I sincerely hope your right!
      This has been a profitable company (all 3 were) for around 80 YEARS!
      With your 80/20 bum anaology.
      Guess what non union companies have the same problem.

    • middleman8841 May 29, 2010 2:46 PM Flag

      Hmmmmmm..... YRCW.... Yellow Roadway Corporation Walmart........

    • I used to work close to a Wal-Mart distribution center and I know for sure that Holland was there almost every day, I saw Yellow going in a few times but can't say if it was an every day thing for them

    • ...and while the Walmart initiative to move from prepaid to collect has been out there since at least April...low and behold, Target just approched my company this week with the same request.

    • Lol those motel days are way over,, all drivers can only drive so many hours per day get in their bunks in the tractor and sleep then the co driver takes over and drives...On runs over 10 hours they run teams..
      Im not a union fan, but the union knows their days could be over and are working with yellow 100 percent or theyve lost another carrier. In fact they now have a member of the union on the board at yellow so they see what the company has to endure.. Its not like the old days..

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      • well the only thing i know is when freight was regulated we didnt run teams and i am retired now as an older person i can say i was paid far more after i was non union than when i was union the majority of the guys i worked with years ago when i was union were real milkers in order to be a terminal they had to have a bunk room and the union hasnt changed much from the peoople that i still talk to a younger guy is far better off being non union but the short timers should get their retirement too many 2 tier wage scales

    • why would walmart currentley be using any union carriers when the non union would be cheaper and the non union would be more productive

    • Home Depots represents about 98% of that 12 percent. As a former driver for YRC, I can't remember having maybe more than one shipment per month for our local Walmarts. This is a non issue and has already generated more post than it was worth. Must be a slow info day

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