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  • jwaballa jwaballa Jul 26, 2010 7:19 PM Flag

    ** LISTEN UP **

    Guys I'am honeslty trying to help all you guys that are long in here and see this company as a miraculous turn around story.

    Theres a reason why this stock is at these levels.

    The technicals drove this stock higher the past few days. I entered at 11 cents and exited at.4199. I said this all along look at all my previous post.

    I continously told let everyone know this stock was going to stop at 42 cents which is the upper bollinger band and price movemment top.

    It clearly passed the emda last friday and was a for sure hit to 43 on its next leg up.

    NOTHING goes down in a straight line especially when market makers drive it down so hard to get a good pop.

    This stock will hit mid twenties and make a nice little bounce before it test the 10 cent range again.

    This stock is 80 percent shorted. This was bound to happen guys... This market is based on computers and technicals.

    I highly suggest you exit tomorrow - short it down to the mid 20's play the upside again probably in one day and short it back down to 5 cents then play it long again...

    This is not brain science. We are ALL in here to MAKE money not dream about a cinderella story on a company thats about to liquidate all its assets....

    good luck ive been saying this all along. The avg person in here are rookies as i once was and got burned pretty badly.. so i know how you guys feel take this as a lesson learned and learn your charts. is an excellent site to draw up your charts...

    Good luck

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