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  • curious_farmboy curious_farmboy Jul 27, 2010 4:34 PM Flag

    1 Little Question:

    WILL all the bashers come back after earnings are announced Aug 3/10 and admit they were wrong and have NO idea what this company does or how it operates, and finally, what a TRUE price point for its share(s) is? Because IF I'm proven wrong, I can admit it. So what do ya say? Deal? Oh. I have REAL $ riding on this. You bashers make...2 cents for every post? Hardly seems like a fair bet, but I'm easy going. Just donate the $1.98 (after taxes) that you make to some charity

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    • I too, work from home as a(n) Swing Trader. I had a Govt job for nearly 20 years, and was beginning to feel like a Huckleberry and got back into the Stock Market some 4 years ago. Usually I'll hold for a few weeks, take anywhere from 5% to 50% and move on to whatever I'm researching, etc. However! With YRCW, I felt $.24 was the bottom, and the bulk of My nearly 300,00 shares were bought there, so I'm already up roughly 30% as of this moment. My friends are berating Me for not getting out! But YRCW is a rare case-No, I don't think it'll be a 10 bagger, etc.-but I feel I can make +100% on it, because the pendulum swung too far on the Oversold and so on. I only started to read the board out of boredom, and whereas I was initially amused, I began to get concerned when people-seemingly?-started asking for advice, and the bashers bit like a big-mouthed bass, and ran yrcw into the ground. I know...ANYBODY who asks for "advice" on a random board is asking for whatever they get. But aside from being curious I'm a (old) farmboy and was taught to help out in a neighborly fashion. So I've started to be a little more, ah, judicial in My comments, while still trying to amuse Myself or anyone kind enough-like Yourself-to read what I wrote. I've been very open that I feel $.60 is My target, but I'll further state $.57 is close enough; I watch the numbers (Math Degree B Sc, and I've taken the Courses to be a Broker in Canada) and I pull the trigger when I think it's peaked. I never "fall in love" with a stock and conversely, can admit when I was wrong and sell for a loss. Just did it yesterday on a stock called Metanor (MTO) its taking too long to move, so I bailed for a 1 cent loss. Anyway, I'm a NOVICE at Poker, but I enjoy the psychological/mathematical aspect of the game.

    • LOVERS HANG OUT HERE SMOOCH SMOOCH T hankyou oh no thankyou oh no no no really////////////////////34576890-

    • they really dont care.. u guys just dont get it eveyrone is here to make money.... no to sit here and gripe about this company its trash just short it and stop bi***ching

    • OK, here is my disclosure. I'm just a guy in Charlotte who is fortunate enough to work full - time out of my home and this board amuses me. Some posts are good, I actually learn something, most are crap. I'm a NOVICE investor, I've made good and bad decisions. Beware of anyone who tells you they are a great investor or poker player. All lose at times, can't be avoided. All you can do is work to limit the mistakes and take advantage of the right call.

    • Thanks Burnet. Flop seems to be amused My little rants, too

    • Come now, they make at least $2.32 for the week. Don't sell them short (oops, couldn't resist).

      • 1 Reply to notthatflop
      • Hey flop. I KNOW I shouldn't drop down to their level; shorten myself so to speak (write, actually) but they come crawling out and puff up their 32 inch chests and bleat...I couldn't help Myself. However, (You'll like this?) as Launcelot said in "The Merchant of Venice"; Truth will out. How cool is that? Truth will out. I can say what I want, which ostensibly means the reverse holds true and the bashers can rant(but I CANT ABIDE the massacre of the Queens English!)but August 3/10 the Chickens come home to roost. Or get roasted. Personally, I'm inclined to a nice Room with a View...I'll stop with the literary allusions now...

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