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  • realkenathom realkenathom Jul 29, 2010 6:26 PM Flag

    I can read a Balance Sheet. Can you?

    on the liabilities side as of Q1 there is over $3 Billion dollars in debt. i don't care what you call it or how you categorize it, but when you owe somebody something on the books, it is debt plain and simple.

    this $3 billion doesn't count the BILLIONS in unfunded pension liability and to be fair, yrc will NEVER pay that as they will be long gone and the PBGC will get stuck with that, which means you and i as tax payers will be paying teamster pensions in the near me.

    for reference, i've been on this board (gone for a couple of months) for 2 years dating back to when yrc was around $20 a share telling folk that it was a train wreck waiting to happen... now the wreck has occurred and all that is left is to pick up the rubble...

    back to 25 cents in early august before the RS... then a few bucks after the rs and it starts back down again fueled by more dilution that will inevitably come before the end of year...

    trust me

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    • if have to be the biggest moron in the world. 1st you have been calling for this company to fold for 2 years now, wrong. you said your leaving and you keep coming back. so sad and a liar to. 3 billion in debt show me where? if you would start selling freight for your company( conway ) we all know your a salesman there. so leave, jump off a bridge, get hit by a bus, i don't care just go away,LIAR

    • Hold...Even with a R/S the stock will take off, the Auto Maker went through the same rough times last year so did the banks, and look where they are trading today..Had I listen to my own advice last year I would have made millions instead of loosing 250K..If you listen to the smart traders on this board you will selling and they will buy your shares on the dip...Ignore everyone and invest based on your own gut feelings... This is a long term play.. Should pop over a buck in the short term 3 rd qtr earnings is what will really move the stock..

    • the employees have taking a 15% pay cut for the past 2 years, 18 months no pension payments for 18 months, YRC has sold all the assets they can and have paid off none of there long do you really think they can last?

    • frt_train where you at today...I'm going too Watkins Glen it a few days...come up and see some good racing...

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      • Back home in Aspen for my birthday lots of friends and family from here in the States and Europe have come. It is alot of fun but you know what you guys say about relatives a fish they need to leave after three days lol.. I haven't spent this much time at the office in Denver since my last birthday lol.. Most are staying for three weeks, atleast my birthday comes when everyone can get out and see the country. I couldn't imagine if I were born in February where everyone would be stuck at the house when they were not skiing lol.. So are you going to that Nascar race?

    • Hey look who decided to show up (Under his original ID) finally... Kenny Boy!

      I was getting worried whether will you show up before the Q2 report & call...LOL

      Gee! Whenever YRC rallies you disappear from the board!

      So, Where your pre-release of earnings for YRC?

    • I can tell someone from a distance if he is a Paid Basher or an Ex-employee with some grudge on the Company? Which one is you? Please fess up now.
      Esp. if you did not short the stock, your opinion does not matter at all.
      So, Did you short? SHorting is LEGAL.

    • yes I can Ken...and the only thing I don't agree with in you statement is the part about the R/S...I don't know if that will take place and if it takes place how will that help the company survive...just trading a bunch of pennies for s few bucks (same value really)

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      • What I am hearing is that they may ask for an extension on the RS rule and if they do it is already rubber stamped they get another 180 days. If poor ken had shorted YRC from $20 he would be retired instead of working third shift as a dock supervisor in Baltimore for ODFL. I also hear that YRC has a blind trust with a well known bank/brokerage company that is trading their stock on their behalf. This will generate another stream of income that will pay off much of their debt in short order.

    • What i see is you have been 100% wrong on all of your past comments! anyone who listened to you would of lost the opportunity to gain almost 400% over the last month! that is reality!

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