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  • picker.bottom picker.bottom Aug 3, 2010 2:11 AM Flag

    TA = Pulling all nighters

    No sleep... Gotta bash all night to keep his job!

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    • in this market you're looking for more than a trade,go look at some dividend stocks where fundys count.there are no fundys here,thats where you go wrong.the trend is my friend not yours

    • You are now contradicting your own advise! Maybe you can look at how stupid your post is and repost it so I can ripe it apart! Of this subject, I know! Let's give it another try! Put the beer down, you sound drunk!

    • I agree with you.

      The difference is that LTL didn't see the capacity reductions during the recession that LTL did.

      The timing of rate increases will be a key part of their survival.

      If I were them I'd plan my GRI for November 1, 2010. No need to wait for January when I might not be here anyway.

    • Uh, excuse me....

      They are going to report "adjusted" positive EBITDA. There's a difference.

      This isn't going to be true positive EBITDA and it isn't profit.

      That being said, where do you think this positive EBITDA goes when they start paying into the Teamster Pension fund?

      I'll give you two guess but your only going to need one.

    • I have read EVERYTHING the CEO has said! I have read EVERYTHING of what the outside community has said! I have read EVER financial for the last 2 years, dilution, revenue, bondholders, teamsters pension, everything! A year ago this stock was in trouble! Then the began to turn it around! The shorts took it to the bankruptcy stage but NOPE, company had the bondholders and creditors keep them out of BK! Now the economy turns, the volume increases, they close not performing facilities and suddenly they are about to report postive EBITDA! Nice turnaround! And to think, if you could of performed your job, they would not of fired you!

    • willythetrader Aug 3, 2010 3:14 AM Flag

      Raw material, cardboard prices, and fuel are all up. One of YRCW's biggest achillies heels, it's overcapacity, is slowly turning into it's strength again.

      Pricing for overseas is off the charts for containers, and that's trickling to TL, then LTL. It's just a matter of time before the LTL pricing goes up (which it's started too), but will it happen before the cash dries up?

    • You're basing your entire investment thesis on YRCW based on what the company tells the investment community?????

      Do you want me to give you a list off all the things the CEO has said that didn't come true??? This guy is the KING of over promise and under deliver.

      You better go drink some more.

      There are VERY few of even the mindless pumpers on this board who would simply take the word that the company gives the investment community.

      I never thought you were very bright but this is....shocking.

    • Here is what you need to understand! The company has told the investment community they are in turnaround mode and the future of the company looks very good! This has been published on every news network in the investment community! Now with the financials coming out tomorrow, anything that would contradict the companies previous comments to the investment community will definately but the CEO at risk of a class action law suit for misleading the investment community! This is why I am confident on what will be posted in about 5 and 1/2 hours!

    • ggphuge has no idea what he's talking about.

    • What is this guys name and what terminal did he work out of? Assuming he was a terminal manager ect.

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