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  • pillarper pillarper Aug 30, 2010 7:25 PM Flag

    What Happens in an M&A

    All employees of the acquired company are laid off and rehired under the new company. Often the process is simple and automatic, those who are not rehired are let go.

    Any employment agreements between the workers and acquired company are voided.

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    • There is no story or link, only theories by various posters. One is willing to put his life on the line that YRCW will not be bought out. We will know soon how if this poster is honest and honor his words.

    • There isn't any.

      It is not going to happen.

    • Run away with your tail behind between your legs. Coward.

      You are resorting to just using insult and forget about putting out really information.

      Based on your post and truckanal, you think UPS, ABFS and YRCW have the same union contract because they all signed the exact same boilerplate NMFA.

      Union working boy you are going to lose your job.

    • You're pathetic. You clearly don't know what you're talking about. So you resort to the ad hominem argument.

      I'll restate that the entire NMFA is at

      Goodnight fool.

    • You are telling me UPS, ABFS and YRCW have the exact same union contract? Don't you see the lies you are spewing?

      If UPS acquired YRCW, what will happen to YRCW's union? Will they have their own perks and paid according to their agreement or will they go under UPS's

      Like you said, "Every company signed the exact same National Master Freight Agreement," so it doesn't matter. (sarcastic)

    • you are that stupid. each of those unions are for a different class. You are telling me right now, there are multiple union at YRCW, where one truck driver is making a certain paid based on one union contract and another union worker is paid based on another union contract.

      This sentence is the first honest response from you, "If anyone tried to get rid of the Teamsters you'd have 30,000 employees tearing up the place."

      You are a union worker at YRCW.

    • Yes they did.

      Every company signed the exact same National Master Freight Agreement.

      Then....the locals negotiated some specific changes with the company that only cover employees in a particular region of the country.

      What part of the Teamsters aren't going away aren't you getting????

    • It shows YRCW signed an agreement but what agreement. The only thing from that link is a boilerplate, nothing more or less. Not every company signed the exact same boilerplate contract.

      Furthermore, that boilerplate contract does not have any of the thing you posted on here. Article 1 is not there. Where is your proof? The link is not supporting your sorry union opinion.

      Stop trying to be smart because you are failing badly. I have more education in you then you will ever have union working boy.

    • You really are retarded. I was right the first time.

      Can a company have multiple unions???? Sure they can.

      Look at the airlines...pilots union, machinists union, attendants union....

      It is NOT going to happen at YRCW in the LTL world. It has never happened before. Regardless of who acquired who the company maintains the union.

      In the LTL world an acquirer cannot rid themselves of the Union and they can't move LTL operations overseas.

      The Teamsters are here to stay whether you like it or not. They must be worked with as a partner.

      If anyone tried to get rid of the Teamsters you'd have 30,000 employees tearing up the place.

    • The article proves that YRCW is a signatory to the National Master Freight Agreement. You requested this proof.

      The simple answer to your second question is yes. But a company must bargain in good faith with the employees recognized agent. Do yourself a favor and pick up a text book on industrial-labor relations.

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