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  • johns.patrick johns.patrick Feb 2, 2011 10:04 PM Flag

    what exactly has TX been wrong about

    I know he posts a lot, I've heard that but I'm just curious what do you think he has gotten wrong exactly.

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    • Ok finally a couple of legit posts.

      1) no I will not review all of his posts, I'm not insane. I asked you guys to tell me where you thought he was wrong because I'm not on this board 24-7

      2) I'll agree if he made the 24% comment and the Zollars comment. Bad thing about Zollars comment is that the fact it was the first thing he said and because he used the word recapitalization, I think anyone holding out hope this might be a refinance or restructure of debt now has to accept there will be new shares issued, he also clarified the teamsters are still in the mix for shares as well during Q&A

      3)as for his predictions about lawsuit results, union votes etc. Those are predictions not facts, same as some of the bulls who feel the stock will go up. I'd rather be wrong on guesses about what will happen on specific events than the direction of the stocks.

      4) technically Tx can not be wrong about being born, even if you wish he had not been

      5) Now I think I've cleared this up, stop bashing tx, he is my most prolific basher and I pay him well to do it. Tx stop calling people clones and stuff though - it makes people think you are crazy and I'll have to fire you if you don't stop

      hmmmm I probably should have left that last part out

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      • moneymkt Feb 5, 2011 7:16 PM Flag

        He,s been wrong about plenty...

        just u wait and see...

        i'm sure the truth will come to light ...

        from what the agnts say very very soon...

        till then believe his negativity...
        see ya at the finish line ...
        because this marathon/just became a very bullish sprint...
        yrcw to the moon soon ...
        remember just like the movies / the good guys always win ...
        and the crooks end up in jail...mahalo...

    • hi tx - you have been wrong about the recap - you said bill z did not "mention" it - he did you a hole

      you said YRC would lose more money - they did not

    • Kind of expected that response. So basically his predictions haven't always come true but none of you can identify one fact he has been wrong about and for whomever indicated he never posts real information, I think you are a bit confused

    • Whats he been right about?

    • you may have noticed from the murky responses, that no one will pick out anything TX has been wrong about. he talks about debt, he talks about covenants, he talks about deadlines coming and going.... capital restructures, all 100% accurate.

      the pumpers talk about profit coming this quarter, growing customer base, decreased costs etc... but mostly they talk about how much money they are going to make when in reality the PPS has done nothing but go down down down for years. And, will continue to do so. this week is a blip

    • How much time do you have. Lets skip what he has been right and wrong about. Lets talk about what he can and cannot do. Because of his lazyness and lack of analytial skills he is unable to computate even the most basic equations. Revenues,costs, balance sheet facts,ebitda, on and on and on. A complete $ss in my opinion.

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      • I will say he's not wrong...BECAUSE...HOW CAN YOU BE WRONG WHEN YOU NEVER SAY ANYTHING???

        In typical paid basher style...this identity makes suggestions of BK....or massive dilution...but never really says when it will happen...

        so, how can he be wrong with a prediction that hasn't happened??

        He pulls numbers out of his A$$ ebitda, rolling covenents et al, so as to make himself look educated. He's not....he's given info from his boss and is paid to disrupt the rational thinkers on the board..and upset newcomers who might be interested in investing in this equity.

        best to ignore it....once it feels it's lost it's power and will go away....

        the paid basher has more than YRC to worry about...

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