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  • kateymae2000 kateymae2000 Feb 22, 2011 10:35 PM Flag

    I sold my position today. I do hold YRCW

    call options that are worth around $3200 bucks, or actually no bids. Those options were just play $'s and the bid is zero.

    I hope you all have enough money to lose it all, and when YRC goes bk or just fold you can afford it. Good luck and may you have a good trading year.

    I am in total cash except for the options that are worthless. I liquidated. I figure I will buy the condo and trade with small amount of my cash. In the mean time I have a 30 day escrow and some work to do. Also, need a contracter.

    The time difference from Hawaii is also a factor.

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    • You make no sense. A week ago you posted you were short but reversed to be long and invested heavily long term because you saw its potential. Now you say you are out and this is doomed?

      How young are you people anyway? Do you even have any idea about business or running one? I have been through so many reorganizations to bks to Icahn manipulations of other companies over 25 years that YRCW I know will do very well.

    • I am sorry but I have to admit that there is no good near future for shareholders (and I am one of them).

      May be in a couple of years...

      But now, the stock is down and the dilution due to raising 300 millions will hit the stock value. May be we go 2 $, may be less.

      If the company goes fine, then, the stock while be down but only for a while. Some months, even a year.

      But once we go into profits and the debt is reduced, then the stock will go upper.

      Due to the fact that there are more shares in the market, the top of the company will be much lower. 10-15$ range?

      If the stock, even with the dilution, goes to 15$ in a couple of years, please, tell me where I have to sign...

    • huge mistake....well YRCW is cancer sick..but YRCW is working hard to healing them selfs! and they will....!!

    • your personal life is absolutely fascinating

      But honestly, who gives a ff

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