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  • kings_is_disturbed kings_is_disturbed Jul 21, 2011 11:41 AM Flag

    xodian_was_right 2 am

    Seems palatable that using massive debt to BK the company was the only way to delete the pension obligation and the Teamsters all bundled together.
    I believe they were really hoping for a no vote in the second round of concessions and weren't expecting the banks to give such lenient terms.
    X51 argued that loans could have very long lives like Japans 50 year home loans.
    So plan "C" delinquent loan payments because the Teamster concession was a blank check and easy to burn through.
    The banks will not be as inefficient as the IBT.
    YRC had every intention to collapse and even the banks would have let them except the next snafu.
    The White House guarantees bank loans used to save jobs!
    All of that and more was predicted by xodian51 including the merger of Yellow and Roadway ending duplication 6 months b-4 it actually happened.
    He also predicted the wage concessions and the second concessions.
    Kings is right everyone should read x51.
    Now ABF will have to finish the job.

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    • ABF will get it done while YRC Teamsters don't realize the have the lenders right where they want them, exposed to a strike.
      The lenders want no trouble with unions and they have been pretty much guaranteed that the Union has been neutered.
      TARP loans to banks did keep bankers covered for all past and now future bad loans.
      So YRCW will survive but are the Teamsters smart enough to figure this out?
      In 2011 Zollars was still destroying the Teamster Union but things have changed since he was fired.
      yrc. is exposed, figure this out before it's to late.
      Back in July 2011 "Now ABF will have to finish the job"
      Thats callin em fer sure.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • WOW that post killed the chatter everyone rush off to 2:00 AM?
      He even catches the original kenathom in early am.
      Xodian had almost 7000 posts so sit back and enjoy the space ship races.
      Remember this board was alive and kickin in 2008 before all the nit wits showed up?

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