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  • pcallicoat pcallicoat May 26, 2006 3:47 PM Flag

    an other one bits the dust

    RF won't go broke if he sold it all..Whereas we of lesser means counld be learning to like beans and rice and mares milk.I have been wrong before and this might be one of those times that the information is totally distorted to throw out us small investors.On monday our markets are closed and if the news that comes out looks like the veto IS on and was only delayed and the usual mongo news is wrong then all who sold will have given up lots of gains.The stock is up today and the volume is good.So it does seem that the news is somehow not effecting the bottom line.Stange.Are we going to see more mongo magic.yak dung and mirrors?Will the tax code consider this stock as charity for deduction purposes?It should be considered gambling loses.