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  • jrsun2009 jrsun2009 Aug 13, 2009 1:56 PM Flag

    will we see 9 today?

    9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9

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    • I am all for good fishing....

    • Nah, what'd you do is blow up the rock. Then, move it out of the now much bigger hole, which will create a lake where there once was a pond. Bigger lake means bigger fish which means better fishing.

    • Then you would end up with a muddy rock.

    • What if the pond is a small one and dropping such massive boulder will leave no water in the pond ;)

    • Also consider the IMF visited Mongolia in the last few days to encourage them to abolish the tax.

      There is enough pressure to get this done now.

    • These kind of discussions drive me nuts. It's the same nonsensical thought process we have here. Taxes are not a zero sum game. If you only look at the reduction in tax revenues as the effect of the WPT cancellation, you miss everything. For instance, if the WPT is abolished, how many other miners will start projects in the country? How much extra revenue will that bring in? How much more foreign capital will become available as the pro formas become more attractive? What is the effect of that? How many other companies will form to service the miners and the projects? How about that revenue gained from those companies? Or the tax revenues received from all the companies servicing the new middle class of people? How about the general wealth created as the people begin to save and accumulate things? That throws off property tax revenue. Where is the consideration for increases in VAT or sales taxes as the people have more money to buy things? It goes on and on. The economy wins, the people win, and the government reducing taxes.
      It's like dropping a rock in the middle of a pond. Ultimately the waves from that rock have an effect over the entire pond. Well, in this case, it's a giant boulder 300 feet in diameter falling into the pond.

    • I assume that in the discussions Mongolia considered their total revenues of Erdenet w/ windfall taxes and no signed OT with IVN vs. revenue from both (all miners) without the windfall tax.

      But good point, they certainly have not done anything to lead me to believe they have their sh!t together.

    • Don't give bagholders any sound advice.
      Let them dream on that Great Hural will magically change
      all 4 laws in one day/week that'll cripple M. economy for the next 5 years.

    • Has anyone on this board considered the downside potential. 1/3 of Mongolia's budget comes from Erdenet copper mine, which is 51% State owned plus it pays 68% windfall tax. If they decide to annul WFT in 2011 before next Parliamentary election, they'll certainly lose election, especially the ruling MPRP. I've heard some members say that WFT can be reduced or compensated by increasing other taxes. If they do that will IVN/RTP agree to that? The chance is 50/50. It's going to be big gamble until the special session.

    • They are not getting other bids. Whoever posted that is ridiculous.

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