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  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Nov 19, 2008 3:31 PM Flag


    that Delaney has must even hurt more.....he is getting only paid in stock share of CSE and majority of his wealth is online here. Going back to basics here.....

    Cash $2.81B on hand
    Cash per share of over $10
    BV of over $11
    2009 EPS earning of $1.09 to $1.31

    How the f^ck we are priced below $10!!!!! Just keep the facts close to the big heaping hole in your heart as it gushes blood every freaking day!!!

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    • Oil should be under $50. The speculation in the Oil was not that we were short on was manipulation by the hedge funds against the weak dollar. These f^cker screwed with one commodity that help break the worlds financial backs. Keep in mind those days that the saudi's were screaming there is no takers for the excess oil that they were pumping and it fell to the deaf ears as the oil prices went to $150!

      Now there normality in this commodity. For the next few years you will not see the Oil prices go anywhere that high much less past $60-70 IMO. This should help the Auto industry as well although now is the best time to continue what was started and transition into hybrids or electric cars!!!!

    • yoma - gas in Richmond, VA is under $1.90 for the 87 octane...add a quarter if you want 93

      oh - i agree with you completely on energy bubble

    • well keep in mind we also saw a complete BS bubble in oil that was a historic spike to the upside on the worlds most important commodity pushing up inflation - all caused by excess liquidity and cheap lending that was the jet fuel for the speculators - remember that a commodity like oil was easy to manipulate to the upside b/c the world has for years lived with excess daily supply of only a percent or two b/c expensive to store the speculators are all trying to get out at the same time and can't unload the extra supply they have because demand is about the same albeit a bit off

      and we are now seeing that oil bubble POP historically to the downside...all this up and down in about an 10 month period

      but the oil supply can't be maintained paying less than $40 /barrel for long imo because there must be money left over to maintain infrastructure and drill to bring on new supply as current supply dwindles

      but for now its the gloom of DISINFALTION versus the gloom of INFLATION a few months ago...more likely though the oil will settle around the price avg between 2002 and 2007 which I think is about $40-50/barrel.

    • Its not called deflation....lets not go 180 over night. CPI and PPI did shrink by the largest percentage. But that is mainly due to spiral in energy cost which shouldnt have been where they were in first place. Its actually perfect timing as people need a break somewhere and lower prices on energy and food will help discretionary spending to save some part this years x-mas.

      You will see lower CPI in future as gas price decrease at pump to well below $2 nationally. There are still gas stations in norther va, DC, and MD that are selling at 2.50/g while wholesale is 1.09! Fucking hwy rubbery!

    • We actually are seeing deflation in the latest PPI and CPI at the fastest rate ever.

    • Look at C at 6.5 and you may not feel as bad for CSE being at 3.45. everything gets hammered.

      I blame the leveraged ETF for much of the volatility, for example the 3 times ETF any investor can leverage up to 12 times, three times via the ETF and 4 time through their brocker. Basically with $ 10,000 you can short $ 120,000 worth of CSE stock. Ane everybody and their grandmother is short nowadays. Even the TV shows are starting to tell people to go short...

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      • "Ane everybody and their grandmother is short nowadays. Even the TV shows are starting to tell people to go short..."

        if that's the case its probably the time to go long!

        at least CSE has low leverage which will serve them well because the will have less write-downs than typical bank levered 10 to 1 or more...most banks don't underwrite as well as CSE imo too...the bank commercial underwriters get pressured to sign off on the deal by the salesman and politicians

    • Regarding our fractional banking system, excellent video called "money as debt".

    • Disinflation doesn't cause inflation.It's our financial system,(Fractional reserve)More money is evaporating than being created. The Government pumping these dollars into the system is to stop deflation.By putting the cash out there they're bouying the economy. Deflation from the shinking supply of money can cause a horrible recession or worse. This is a simple explanation, but may give you an idea about the problem.



    • Cash $2.81B on hand
      Cash per share of over $10
      BV of over $11
      2009 EPS earning of $1.09 to $1.31
      Yes, but $11 billion debt
      However, its transformed into a bank so its not that simple to equate.
      Also, you can get 15 to 25% elsewhere in the market right now - so why settle for CSE and 5-6%

      That being said, its a good buy providing the economy does not get worse. The Feds said it will (get worse) so down go the stocks. I wonder whose side they are on?

    • What financial statement have you seen that shows Cash at 2.81 Billion?

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