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  • megawhale megawhale Feb 28, 2013 1:25 PM Flag

    $9... Why?

    As of the minute I write this, CSE has topped $9 for the first time since the crash of 2008, as far as I can remember. Now I think the news on CSE has been mostly good for quite a while, but the stock hovered around 7 for quite a while before starting to rise the last quarter of 2012. We gained a buck at the end of last year, and another buck since Jan 1. Might this be do to the expectation of a divvy increase? In that case, this might be a good time to buy if they do in fact add to the divvy... and a good time to sell if they don't.

    So... any opinions? Is the rise due to the expectation of a dividend increase... and will we get one?

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    • vonstutt Feb 28, 2013 2:38 PM Flag

      As I stated in early Jan I believe CSE will issue a higher standard dividend and the price will rise. I believe the new dividend will be between.08 to .10 cents and the stock will continue to go up if they do. Lets wait and see. Long for now.

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      • This may be a stupid question but why would a dividend of 8-10 cents drive the stock higher? That is not a big divy.Currently they pay 4 cents. In my opinion earnings drive the stock price and not paying a divy drives higher profitability which in turn drives a higher stock price. Recall that the .50 cent divy last December drove the stock down from almost 8 tp the 7.50 or so level. Of course it more than recovered but it did so as earnings were higher than expectations. mk_theis' comments about earnings of $3.00 or so would do the trick.

    • beause if you drink the vodka spiked coolaid like me you believe that they may earn 3.00 with a ten pe in the next half doz years or so. or not.

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      • vonstutt Mar 3, 2013 9:03 AM Flag

        First of all I am talking about a 8 to 10 cents a quarter NOT 4 cents a year as CSE pays now with that one time special div at year end. People like certanity not special div if or if not. I still believe they will declar a standard div soon and investors are thinking that and thus the stock moves higher and of course the buy back did not do anything but help. Lets wait and see and I believe new will come very soon.