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  • no_mercy1 Nov 18, 2010 3:52 PM Flag

    Discussion board

    Didn't you know that starting your own private message boards gusarantees a huge rise in the price of SFEG.

    With the *bad guys* left out, only POSITIVE things will be discussed that surely will increase the price of SFEG

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    • Mercy you are a stand up guy.You aren't a coward hiding behind different names.It doesn't matter if we agree or disagree.
      You do bring up a good point.It's a closed loop.How does new investors get added to a private board?
      What happens if a member of the board becomes disgruntled?
      I don't have those answers.

    • I have no problem discussing the pros and cons of SFEG. Its when a clown ruins the board and impersonates others that it gets old.I stand by my position and have plenty at stake.Even with this pullback, I am up 9x. What have you accomplished and what skin do you have in this story?

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