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  • dergringo1 dergringo1 Feb 6, 2013 7:31 PM Flag


    Most of us have a sense of a financial doom headed toward us with the federal government spending a dollar for every 58 cents in revenues. Some also anticipate either social anarchy followed by martial law. 62 cents of every federal dollar spent goes to entitlements. We lose $20 per hour jobs and gain $8 per hour jobs. The waitresses and cab drivers no longer make what they used to as tips are way down. At some point entitlements must dry up, yet the heavy regulations on businesses and obstacles to self employment by heavy compliances make someone like me wonder what is in store.
    Sometimes I drive myself nuts trying to think of ways to prepare by inproving capabilies.
    I don't know what is the agenda and end game of those who are running the show. Sonex11 turned me on to the Black Eagle Project. Google it. Is it believable?
    One thing becomes apparent to me. With the way that we cling to life and the benefits that support it, it must be something of great value.
    O Lord, grant us faith for your return.

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    • As an eternal optimist who indulges in worry I offer the following thought as a way to aleiviate anxiety about the future. It might not be so rosy as the picture I paint. So what. We are going into interesting times, more interesting than television. More interesting than SFEG. Keep in mind that the most essential ingredient is Faith. We live until we die. Let us do it well with honor. I will begin:

      Der Gringo prepared for the collapse of the economy and civil society. He built a five foot fence about his property, stocked on non-perisables, ammo, water systems, solar panels, etc.
      Sure as shootin' that day came when a military deuce and a half loaded with armed soldiers and loud speakers ordered him to come outside. Instinctively Der Gringo did so, and he was ordered onto a bus behind the deuce and a half truck.
      From there he was taken to a holding area where he was given a basic meal, tolietry items and given a questionaire about necessary medicines. An internment camp was the next stop. Two hundred others like him were taken outside where a captain addressed them. "Thank you for your cooperation. The nation as you have known it has collapsed. I will keep this short. At this camp we will sort you by your work capabilities. We will take care of you and educate you about the current reality and what will be required of you. We are all in this together.
      Gringo's addictions to the flesh such as coffee, booze and good food yearned for the former days until one day he woke and realized that his life was being cleaned up of all the unncessary clutter. Even in his old age he was becoming a lean machine. After a bit of training the 65 year old, formerly self indulgent old fart was working at a computer terminal doing things useful and necessary to the rebuilding of the nation.

    • What you have described is nothing compared to what is going to happen by 2016. The best years of America are behind us. Now the President can order a kill on an American while Congress sits by and practically laughs at us.

      I have already done this for my preparation. I cannot move for many reasons at this late stage in my life. The greatest gift one can give their children before they die is a 2nd passport. It can be obtained by few ways but the easiest one is though heritage.

      No doubt in my mind that if our Forefather's were alive today they would already be shooting. The land of the free and home of the brave ?Yeah. You keep believing that nonsense.

      "In all of history, no government became more honest, less corrupt, or granted its citizens more rights as it grew in size."


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