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  • mmitty60 mmitty60 Jul 3, 2013 11:47 AM Flag

    Disfavor to all say production cost is $340 an ounce.....Dude, you re off by a mile. Costs are more like $1100. Then when corporate expences are tossed in there are losses. posters on SAND have concerns about viability to survive. You do newbies a real disservice making false claims, just as ECPN pumpers do. My main beef is I sold before the meeting cutoff date because I would be there telling carson he was an underacheiving nonvisionary who borrows money at 14%, extends out purchase agreements, does not repay debt in timely fashion, and wastes money on ortiz whie mogollon sits fallowed delayed again and again. I hope somebody flips him off so all can see how he burned so many of us with unfullfilled promises. I told him to quit doing stupid things and that is precisely what has happened. I posted this stock would fall did and will continue. You should see that as lead basher. Good luck and to all holders, Go see the mine, and pray that nobody slips again. On the last tour a fellow fell in the unsafe slippery floor and a lawsuit was possible.

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    • MIT,
      You're wrong. It does not cost 1100 per tonne summit!
      I can't defend Pierce, he has screwed up big time, and he is a great bullshettwr
      But things can work out if he fixes this financing problem!

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      • Het,
        We are talking price for GEO being far higher than you post. Where that was turned to cost per ton delivered
        is beyond me Yes, they produced just under $20M a year, but if that is not enough to pay salaries, corp expenses and debt goes unpaid....mergers fail, acquisition fail, and development slows....
        Worst of all the equipment that failed is still in use.
        I hope you make carson pay at the annual meeting.....
        imho the fellow has placed the financial future of many of us in the dumps....
        he cost you a million $$ and CM is down several M$...
        How can anyone close to BK that does not repay debt find financing unless it is some no name or gouger?
        Expect to see shares under a dime soon.

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