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  • wallstreet13 wallstreet13 Dec 2, 2002 12:21 PM Flag

    Covered Call Writers

    Starting to feel like the covered call writers will lose their stock, at the expense of a small profit/gain.

    Naked call writers should avoid high buildings.

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    • OK, my friend, tell me how the failure of VaxGen will help HIV+ people have a fuller, healthier life? I am all ears and will support a logical statement of fact from you. Meanwhile support this vaccine for all those faceless future people that will suffer as you have. You are the victim of misinformation as much as a HORRIBLE, DESPICABLE VIRUS.


    • Really, elspasoj33 pal, why is it ravaging SubSAharan Africa, China, India, Indionesia, Thailand and other places where human beings exist?

      The book describes the few vaccine efforts that have been funded ... I will spend no time on this matter. It is well known that AIDSVAX is the only vacinee that has ever made it to Phase III trials. You should be happy for your fellow man. I am sorry this tragic scourge has devasted your life. You gotta focus on the positive for hopefully a very long rest of your life. Give me an email and I will send you a personnal story that will curl your hair and realize that other people HAVE walked in your shoes.

      BTW, you are very effectively demonstrating for the message board the HUGE political storm that has surrounded HIV research from the very beginning ... to the point of posters actually coming onto the VXGN bulletin board and BASHING the stock and the companies efforts to stop this KILLER in its tracks. AS IF THAT BEHAVIOR, would do anything to affect the money going into medications for the HIV +. This vacinee was funded by venture capital and not Federal Government funds for the vast majority. Read the BOOK folks ... it explains all this seemingly irrational, non-compassionate behaviour on the VXGN board. Don't be swayed by those that do not understand how private enterprise works.



    • Yeah, its too bad people with HIV want to live.

    • I know all this crap. I have been taking the drugs since late 80s.
      You can take your opinion and shove it. Listen pal, there are so many vaccines being worked on for the past 15 years, its insane. Controlling human behavior is pretty tough, ask the democrats. They have been trying it for 40 years. I will agree that the aids groups got drs and drug companies to put drugs on the market that should not be on the market without serious warnings and lots of more tests. But on the other hand I am alive, even though my body has been deformed by the drugs. So I have to thank them. Its very easy to avoid HIV.

    • Ok. But does it work. Will this book tell me this? I have been + since late 80s and have read most of this shit. I have taken all the drugs. I know of many vaccine trial and many failures.Why is this the one? And what are the sides?

    • Easy to go through for how many pages there are. Did not take me that long.


    • I will sell no covered calls until we are in the fifties with what I know now. Mr. 13, I believe you are correct on those folks getting the itty, bitty premi on their Dec covered calls. Wasn't greed, just lack of understanding of what was happening in the AIDs world in December.

      Lotta shares'll be called away. Congrats to any naked December folks, you deserve your spoils after putting the cohones on the line like that.


    • International HIV discussion has intensified since the disease doesn�t stop and the World Aids Day has passed. Millions might die over the next few years. That�s not only millions of people loosing their lives, but also millions of family tragedies, bodies and incredibly high medical treatment costs. Vaxgens Aidsvax therefore has IMHO an even bigger impact on the world�s societies than simply being a profitable drug or not. It rather looks to me that Aidsvax is the last chance for the next years to avoid a serious worldwide epidemic that could not only lead to serious trouble in Africa (as it happened already) but also could eradicate developed areas of Western countries like the US or (e.g. Eastern) Europe. Besides the tragedy of the numerous deaths, the costs for treatment could lead to some serious trouble and protest among the population. The already stressed health insurance funds could be emtied rapidly, pressure could rise on certain governments. This could not be such a problem in underdeveloped countries without democratic systems, but might be dangerious in more developed countries where somehow a "fight for drugs" could even start. Frightening thought. Just an example: As far as I know, in 1985 there existed about 5-10m HIV infected people. Now we have about 36m people infected worldwide, 21m have died already. North America has about 900k infected patients, Western Europe about 520k. With the 5.6m people being infected in South East Asia and 1.3m in Latin America, countries like India and Brasil are just right before the beginning of some serious trouble. Some graphics (German language, however quite interesting) can be found under