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  • scarfaced scarfaced May 26, 2005 3:42 PM Flag

    Will VXGN get to 600

    thousand in volume today? Interesting trading 22 trades of 5000 shares, 2 of 5500, 3 of 7500, 3 of 10000, 1 of 12500, 1 of 16600, 1 of 20000 and 2 of 25000.

    Hmmm I wonder...........

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    • are you sure sarfaced? I bet it was Mr.200 making 3000 trades buying it down 200 shares at a time .....

    • I would like your opinion on this item that Sager pointed out to the board and particularly today's information. Thanks Sager.
      Does this mean that there are 100K buy orders waiting in the wings? Thanks.

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      • Not necessarily. From Thompson:

        "Thomson I-Watch offers individual investors a window into the previously closed world of institutional trading. Before completing large block trades, "Big Money" traders express their interest by posting "advertising" buy or sell messages, revealing the short-term supply and demand for a particular stock."

        They are merely indicating interest of a specific quantity at a specific price. If you have Level II, and you follow say MLCO on the bid and ask of CSCO, MLCO will show a size on the bid and ask at specific prices. MLCO won't tell you how much they are trading through the ECN's though (and alot of houses do exactly that).

        In the I-Watch (which I personally find to be non-pertinent because of what it is - an indication) example with VXGN, some one was looking to see how much they could potentially buy without moving the price. If you read the tape, and my earlier post, I could make the case that the 100K interest went off in several small blocks of 5000 from about 3:39 until 4:00PM.

        What you can infere from this is that even buying 100K of VXGN won't push the price higher under the current conditions - that is, there is a bigger seller or sellers that are NOT adbertising their desire to sell.

        How this helps, and of course JMO.

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