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  • easynow70 easynow70 Nov 7, 2012 12:36 PM Flag

    Updated november Corp.presentation is online


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    • Thanks for the heads up easynow. I was wondering when..

      Some good stuff.... 2013..... looks to be in the money, and up from there..... time to get in big time, IMO........

      The upcoming CC should be interesting.....

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      • Simply remarkable that some shareholders not only possess but short memories, but as well seem content to keep getting sucked in by company blather.
        One, a HTM official earlier proclaimed HTM would be profitable in 2012. Now it's allegedly 2013.

        Two,, SEVERAL months ago another HTM representative stated that the first phase of Neal was already commercially operational, the second would be in the 'next few weeks,' and the third "by the end of the summer." Yet the very recent company posting that (only) the first two phases had (purportedly anyway) achieved commercial operation. Just another example why management lacks credibility, in the judgment of the general marketplace, quite evidently. This can't be a central reason why the stock price remains so pathetically low, can it?

        Three, how interesting that HTM officials saw fit to divulge this information about Neal (and not long before that the obvious vacuous 'pump' about Guatemala), yet have remained conspicuously silent both about the operational status of San Emidio 1 and the long festering nonsense regarding SAIC and the supposed $ 'give back' for the now year-long fiasco, the protracted failure to meet the original Nov. 2011 contract deadline. So just how much collective money do you suppose this has cost shareholders, both in terms of lost operating revenue coupled with the evident ongoing market perception that executive management is grossly inept, and therefore for paltry market capitalization? Clearly, the deficit related to the San Emidio 1 debacle has collectively been in the $ tens of millions, all factors considered, e.g., the drop in share price (and associated market capitalization!) from latter Feb. 2012 at $.71 to the present highly depressed level. Too, if company officials deem it permissible to release data-related information about Neal, along with the recent statement about Guatemala (the latter remains at this point basically a non-event, just another projection of something that might happen), yet we've heard again and again from among others, including apparently naive posters: 'Don't worry, all the details about San Emidio 1 will come out soon' (read: next quarter, or in a conference call, etc. OR WHEN?). Yet, investors remain in the dark.

        Wake up folks, and consider ceasing to give HTM management the repeated 'passes' it continues undeservedly to receive from some of you out there. To date, too many people have allowed management to distract attention from core matters, by means of its calculated release of generally ancillary, if not purposely selective, information.

      • Hope they cleaned up the mess at raft river, and things went well at Neal.

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