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  • markkoshinski Jan 14, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    hey Guys and Dolls wake up and smell the HTM brewing,

    We all know now that it's the short interest that is keeping this stock down. right!! I think everybody needs a little pep talk here. Too many of you are not getting the word out. This baby is going up to $1.50 cents and higher by the end of this year. No doubt about it so please stop downing this stock and buy more of it. that's the only way we as a team is going to beat the shorts right out of their bodies and make em naked. Lets go team!!!

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    • You must just pull your never ending array of happy-face predictions from your backside!

      Name one time you have been correct. I can tally the total easily- NEVER.

      At some point why not startle other posters and actually post something at once substantive, of value and and actually based upon real life financial considerations?

      In short, your continued gibberish only serves to discredit even more your standing on this board, which has never been worth a 'toot' from the get-go!

      And I remain ever amused at the posters who cry "bashing" when responding to wholly deserved and factually based critical observations, with you and gems leading the pack.

      In the end, though, no matter how often you sing the praises of management and likewise make completely absurd 'guarantees' of a price share of "$.150 and higher by the end of the year" and loads of related drivel, sane and seasoned investors know better.

      So, haven't you grown tired of being repeatedly revealed as this board's ' posting clown in residence'?

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      • markkoshinski Jan 17, 2013 2:17 PM Flag

        Nami, did you read the bottom one yet huh did ya ... John H. Walker is our hero man...

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      • Some substance to wonder about.

        John H. Walker has a 38-year track record in power plant development, energy security and urban planning. Walker was a founding director of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority in 1992 and co-founder and a founding Director of the Borealis Infrastructure Fund in 1997.

        Walker is Chairman of U.S. Geothermal Inc. (NYSE: HTM; TSX: GTH), an operating geothermal power company based in Boise, Idaho.

        Walker will be responsible for Kensington Power Income Fund, a new investment program for institutional and individual investors which will acquire interests in mid-market power generation, transmission and distribution assets in Canada and the United States.

    • The short interest is like 2% of float , that's not that bad, now if the short interest was like 30%+ then it would be more likely the cause of keeping this stock down, seems the pressure is from the 11.8 million shares pumped into the market at .37 cents ,you wont see it rise past .50 cents for at least
      4 - 5 years, now don't get me wrong , this is a great company with a lot of upside potential , but you wont see that 1.50 for at least 7 years, this is a stock to buy in your 20s and bail in your 60s buy it now, wait, and come back then to sell, or buy for the grandkids as a gift, as for it being bought out by another large company its unlikely, but wishful thinking , the fastest way for this company to grow is to build larger scale projects near 50 MW - 100 MW or dare I say 200 MW range ,and take advantage of economies of scale , or convince warn buffet to back HTM . I will say this, geothermal is the only renewable with large scale potential and viability for profits, (the wind doesn't always blow ,and the sun doesn't always shine, but old faithful has blowing for a very very long time ; ) .

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      • Wrenn,
        Why wouldn't investors who bought (units) for 37c, not want the SP to rise?.
        Surely it's in there interest also?. Also the warrants to purchase at 50c for 60 months would be more valuable if the SP rises above 50c.
        This company last made profit in March 2006! At that time they had 1 project and very small revenue. They now have 3 projects and @$4.5M of revenue for the last Qtr.
        When these results are released there will be no stopping the SP rising.

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    • I don't see this thing hitting $1 before ram power company does... I would do ram power and then power reit (ticker pw).. These are the two that will get triple digit yields.. The escilator and the power price are both lower than ram power. (I also have sprott and apuc, ormat, brookfield) I have yet to see a good argument or numbers (like earnings) and I will wait til I do.

    • I have to agree that I ordered up just about 3k shares last week, and the order wouldnt all fill at once. Its not like the shares just jump over like with some cheaper stocks.

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    • You are preaching to the converted here.
      I have been accumulating steadily over the past 3-4 weeks, I have trouble gettings orders over 20k filled at decent prices. I am hoping to see some other optimists buying into this stock near the end of the month on good earnings expectations.
      I am hoping to see 50c on current earnings increasing to 70c after next qtr. $1.5 seems a distant dream without either a buyout or new projects in US being announced.

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    • Mark,
      I admire your confidence but have no money to buy more at this time

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