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  • msjacksn7 msjacksn7 Mar 18, 2013 1:17 PM Flag

    Nami, a question...

    What part of using the term "poison or toxic financing" is a positive reflection on management? How is using the term "sell off" a positive? Is "giving away free shares at rock bottom" perceived as an endorsement? Do you even read these posts? Or do you just get so excited you assume everything written here is a pump so you can reply with your standard response? Probably not worth the effort, and really don't care all that much how you respond, but thought I would ask.

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    • First, what in the freakin' world are you talking about?

      I've never used the words "poison or toxic financing." Ever!

      Second, as per the longstanding norm for you et al, you NEVER address the fundamental issues that have kept this stock price in the toilet.

      Third, sorry pal, but the onus remains on you and your fellow giddy optimsts to explain the longstanding dismal price performance of the stock. Unfortunately for your fatuous postings, the facts get in the way of attributing any worth to your bizarre prognostications.

      Naturally, you are fully entitled to continue totally ensconced in your 'investment' fantasyworld!

    • msj, imagine that, no answer! Yet when we do not reply to her spews.

      Anyhow, I do find it amazing how alias like nami pop-up on these stock sites. Endlessly complaining about something, and calling anyone a pumper, that post anything positive, or just plan news. As if these little, in the hair cracks of the universe, stock chat sites could have any effect on anything. As I see it, chat sites like, YMB, iHub, are here for the little investor to connect, and kick around ideas on the company they have a few dollars in. Then again, there are stories I of some ex-SA writers doing a good job pumping, but it is easy to pick up on them.

      Rarely do they bother me, each to there own, they do have something to say, and thankfully they can. So, join in the fun once in awhile, but usually just carry on. Can't really stop'em and at times they do fill in the time, while we wait to see what Time has to tell us on HTM... in 8 more days.

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      • Unlike you (evidently), stock, I do not spend hours a day fixated on this board's postings. Periodically days pass without me bothering to read the same old drivel--how the long promised stock price surge is just around the corner. So far, your myriad predictions have proved totally worthless. But I suppose you subscribe to the adage that if you post enough touts, ultimately one of them may prove valid. To date, though, your oft-expressed hopefulness and associated record hardly leave anything to be admired!

        And finally, all you and the other blind optimists do is: never post anything of substance; rather, you simply gripe and moan that another shareholder is so brash as to pose those all so disquieting queries.

        So here's the bottom line. Until your beloved management proves it can produce the needed 'numbers,' much less exhibit sufficient candor to convince the 'street' it is other than a hapless outfit, the stock price will remains a shambles, as it has now been for a VERY extended period.

        I know, stock, 'candor bites.' Regardless, you need to get a grip on reality, and the truth is HTM has long been a malperforming bowser, e.g. today trading about 25% BELOW is 2008 low. Great progress, eh?

        Now let's see how enamored you are with--much less seek to explain away--the next round of ho-hum news from HTM corporate.

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