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  • markkoshinski Mar 25, 2013 9:12 AM Flag

    and so the news is out now what???


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    • The $33 million in cash won't show up on the books until the 1Q earnings. But when it does:
      "The proceeds of the cash grant will be used to fund $8.5 million in plant and well field cash reserves. Approximately $13.3 million of the grant is expected to pay down the outstanding project loan with the balance available for distribution to the equity partners."
      Now is the time to buy:
      BEFORE the numbers come out and document the improving financial picture;
      BEFORE the news hits the mainstream investment circles and the SP gains start; and
      BEFORE the SP discount for BK risk that is NO LONGER REALISTIC evaporates.
      If you wait to see all this reflected in the earnings statements and stock price chart, you'll have already missed the largest gains. Perspective: a 6 cent rise in SP is a 18 percent gain on investment right now. This stock has potential for much greater gains than 6 cents this year.
      The writing is on the wall, none of which is documented in the current numbers being used to analyze this stock's performance:
      • Received a $33 million cash grant for Neal Hot Springs
      • Received the remaining $1.05 million from an $11.75 million cash grant at San Emidio
      • Generating power consistently and reaping new revenue from TWO new power plant operations.
      • On the verge of closing out long term financing for remaining project debt in 2Q, lowering annual costs.
      • Raised $4.37 million through a private placement that allows the company to move forward with plans for developing a new power plant in Guatemala at the shallowest depths and highest temperatures of any asset at HTM, a project that is also likely attract financial support from the Guatemala government. Yes, the company diluted current investors with this, but the long term rewards should more than make up for the short term pain.

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    • Game Change ! = No doubt. This changes everything. This company is now a viable business for at least the next 3 to 5 years. Long term prediction = by the end of 5 years from now, there is a decent chance this company will be issuing dividends. Not huge dividends, but something. And that is an incredible success story !!

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    • We've got volume (HAD a nice pre-market SP bump) all on good news, but once again a fizzle on the SP.
      Aren't there others out there who are getting a little nervous selling to a make a quick 5 or 10% only to possibly miss the boat if the SP were to jump a quick 15, 20, or 25 cents! Granted we haven't seen it yet, but I think we could, if investors would just keep buying and let the stock increase in a value. I'm not a market expert by any means so I will just have to wait.

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      • markkoshinski Mar 25, 2013 10:28 AM Flag

        mert I am seeing it going up a little bit on the news I am sure that the MM's have a lot of big buyers on the sidelines wanting to get in at a short price besides the 10k report should be good. they sold 45,000 mgw of power at Neal already. We will wait for the next earnings report in May.

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