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  • parto3frp parto3frp May 12, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    SP predictions on Tuesday?.

    Any idea what we might see in shareprice with EPS 2-3cents?.

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    • If it comes in 1-2 cents there will be a rise and another one before the Conference call. 3-4 I tend to be conservative so I say no. If it goes to 41 cents period I make a nice profit.

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    • I've never been very good at predicting short term SP. There are a lot of people who go by the axiom of buy the rumor, sell the news. So I would expect a good day today. If earnings come in more than the expected 3 cents then I would expect to see another good day tomorrow. Longer tern if we see 10 cent annoual earnings, I would expect a share price in the $1 - $2 range.

    • I see it close to 41at close on Tuesday 52 Thursday and it'll bog down there in that range until next Q

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    • markkoshinski May 12, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

      Parto, I been pushing around some numbers in my head from the WSJ. This Company is way way undervalued. hopefully people will wake up after the earnings come out. We have a over a quarter of a billion Dollar company. and this is no #$%$ selling for a whopping 36 cents a share. Now I know why he hired Gilles. as CEO. that a is pathetic as a number can get. . I think we will see the number some where in the high 40's might reach 50 on Wednesday. after the Money Show opens up... if we get a good response from Mr Gilles then i would predict 60 cents or higher by the end of the week. The Kosh.

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      • Mark,
        As it is so undervalued that's the problem.
        Even a meteoric 50% rise will barely push the SP above 50cents.
        I believe we could expect in the longer term between 10-20 times Annual EPS. IF investors can be convinced that this quarters earnings can be the norm +\- 10%. I would hope 50c is achievable rising to +60c after next quarter earnings or before if there is confirmation of SE2 OR further disclosure of projects in Taiwan.

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