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  • wallalleypigg wallalleypigg Jul 27, 2011 6:57 PM Flag

    Much Louder


    Everyone knows that anything the daarck knight team buys does not make money.
    Because of Wall Alley MM PIGGS mark and Satan marks the PIGGS.
    E-Trade, Fidelity, Wells Fargo, Ameriprise Brokerages, NYSE, ARE ALL under intense scrutiny by the FBI & SEC and people ARE loosing their lives – it’s just NOT published. 5000 FBI agents were just added.
    Well we just bought CAMP along with the FBI & SEC as a placeholder as we do many.
    Could be over the next 10 years the only place this stock goes is sideways or down.
    Because this is your corrupt stock market today. Corruption across the Red Plague board includes the Federal Reserve.
    However, Satan has other things in mind FOR THE ENTIRE WALLY ALLEY WORLD. Wonderful things for the wall alley PIGGS to come from Satan.
    Satan weds U Wall Alley PIGGS and he has a GIFT 4 U.
    Your laughter will be returned to U in the form of something MUCH LOUDER & stupendous PIGGS.
    EVIL Man goes no where in 2011, 201x, 201 and Satan rewards his PIGGS, but there can be
    ONLY 1 PIG Little piglets #1 pork barbecue hot n’ spicy is how Satan likes them.
    Satan hates children. Because they show promise.
    Wall Alley once promised to work for the people.
    Now they promise this to Satan. sATan luvs u even more.
    Kisses coming

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