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  • dbtunr dbtunr Feb 11, 2013 12:38 PM Flag

    if this was so great, why is it DOWN 3%?

    just answer me that. On heavy volume no less

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    • There's just 2hrs 15 mins left in the trading day, CAMP has not even hit 150k shares of volume, and you call that heavy?

      Average 1-month volume is 210k/day.
      Average 2-week volume through last Friday is 296k/day.

      So far we are trending towards "any average day in the past 2 weeks". I don't claim we couldn't see a big pick up in volume especially in the final minutes of today, but to call less than 150k shares of volume _at this point_ as "heavy" just paints you as reaching for every reason possible to try to scare people into selling. Anyone who knows CAMP knows volume is not heavy today so far.

      And OF COURSE the stock will be down when a secondary gets announced. The question isn't why it's down 3%, the question is why it ISN'T down a lot more. Up until last week the stock wasn't near touching even $9.0, and now we have a secondary announcement and the stock hasn't really fallen under $9.0 yet?!

      I don't have all the answers but I do know if you keep posting constant negativity from every angle including the kitchen sink, more and more you'll just paint yourself as someone with a financial interest in seeing CAMP's price go down. The more angles you try, the bigger chance you'll be flat out wrong on some of the angles -- like you're wrong so far on the volume.

      If you think you are doing a public service by getting investors out of CAMP: Thank you. Your points have been duly noted many times over today (and some points, discredited. See paragraph above re: what happens when you try too hard). Please consider your message of caution as being communicated, and stop the constant negative spam or you just amplify the impression that you have an agenda.

      You can of course post a smug "I told you so" weeks from now if CAMP is $8.00 and under, like you predict. I will reply to such a post and say that I was wrong.

      One last time: I don't rule out additional, brief weakness in CAMP's price through the secondary & remaining merger processes in the coming weeks. But I dispute the excessive degree that you're claiming, and if you were impartial you wouldn't have to constantly beat the drum about it.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Amen. I agree with several points in this post. Of course, a firm announcement of dilution is going to hit the stock. But I see solid support at 9 and as Calling BS aptly states, the question is not why is it down but what isn't it down more?

        People with an obvious vested, short run interest in tanking a stock they know little or nothing about can always use bombast and scare tactics for a hit and run. And I do agree the stock will probably visit the 8's temporarily before this is all said and done. But I wouldn't rule out some more surprises; we're in the fourth inning of a nine inning ball game.

      • ahh, you are correct on volume. I got confused with CDTI, another POS rec'd by spanspur the P&D artist

        I stand corrected. Volume is normal. Nothing to see here. Move along.

        and just so you, since I have an interest in anther M2M company, it would be GOOD for me if CAMP had their secondary at a higher price.

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