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  • heezdedjim_2002 heezdedjim_2002 Feb 27, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    Question for Longs......

    Seems like there's a lot of long-term holders of CAMP on this board. I'm a newcomer, bought in last week. I found CAMP via IBD. It was a very highly rated stock under $10, and it's chart was primed. It is still a very highly rated stock excepot in one area: it's EPS. But what I have found is, stocks with that profile are a good bet to go long on. When a stock is being Accumulated, it's chart is threatening BREAKOUT, and it's A+ in all other categories, it often signals it's EPS is about to catch up. And that's a recipe for serious gains. I see some very astute posters here. That includes spanspur who's down on the stock. My question is, are there any here who have gone long CAMP only recently due to it's chart? Any TA guys here? TIA any responses. I love these boards they are a huge advantage for the little guys like us. (That doesn't mean you believe evrything you read; only that they often provide a perspective you haven't considered. Many heads are always better than one.)

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    • Hey there, spanspur is crazy. One day he hates the company and then he's praising it. I have made up my mind. It's CEO knows what he's doing and this is a stock for the long haul. It might see a 10% to 20% correction here and there, but this company is going places. Just wait for the insurance telematics revenue to kick in.

    • heezdedjim, One word of warning: Don't say Spanspur is DOWN on CAMP - I got chastised royally by him last week (LOL), but he appears to me to be a knowledgeable trader, who is mostly long, but is in and out of the stock; anyway, as far as EPS is concerned, if you looked at CAMP's EPS estimates a year ago, the company would be lucky to earn a couple cents the entire fiscal year; it was still paying back debt from years earlier, when it was primarily a satellite dish producer, and things went bad when Rogers fabricated some faulty LNB's; CAMP later won the lawsuit for around $10 mil, but DISH still kept Calamp in the penalty box up until last year, when they let Calamp back in the game (Calamp presently makes the small in-home WIFI devices on the DISH Hopper boxes that allow them to communicate with each other in the home; but wireless (M2M/MRM) is the real story for Calamp; it is the new revenue machine, as documented by more and more analysts and articles; watch the revenue, as Calamp's margins continue to increase, as Calamp's wireless businesses ramp up, as Burdiek has noted in Calamp's conference calls (read the transcripts if you have a chance - Burdiek goes into great detail outlining Calamp's future prospects - it's not difficult to follow Calamp's road map, which is tremendous for an investor!); hope this helps; I have been following Calamp for over 12 years - it was not an easy trip; but it's turning out to be quite rewarding! By the way, one important thing that Vitelle (Calamp CFO) pointed out in the last couple CC's is that net operating loss carry forwards should appreciable add to Calamp's NON-GAAP EPS over the next couple years - in other words, Calamp will see a nice tax break on its revenue over the next couple years - this is also a positive for the EPS for the stock!

    • Well, Jim, a lot of us long timers have a saying: "Always buy Camp under $5. Never buy Camp over $10, because you should have stocked up under $5. This time around, ol' Campy has a serious chance at another double, but you're gonna have to hang around til the end of 2014 mebbee 2015 to see it happen. That's why most of us stocked up early. Camp's a crazy stock, but when management is on the beam, she can really produce. A bunch of us think she will. Be patient, and you should see some green. Even now, I'm dancin'. Best of luck

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