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  • tuscon2012 tuscon2012 Mar 21, 2014 2:38 PM Flag


    He must be somewhere laughing loudly. He was right and almost everyone and all 3 recent analyst projections were wrong. Serves me right for being greedy. I had a sell order in for all my shares at 35 and got within .15. Now it looks like 30 would be a good price to try to obtain someday. Who ever said "Greed was Good." Not for me.

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    • Certainly, if you believe in the management team, products and the "Internet of Everything" story, this stock will continue to see higher highs and higher lows.

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    • Seriously? I thought you knew CAMP better than that. I have a huge long position and am not worried in the slightest about today or this week.

      Remember how the stock acted for a while in the prior quarter where it bounced between $23 and $26? Same thing here IMO, this time the range is roughly $27, 28 to about $33, $34. If indeed you've been in this since the $4's then you should know to hold until the next CC and then absent any big bad news, you'll not only see $34's again but possibly beyond $35. If not April then June's CC. Today is shorties at play and the start of a good buying opp. I've started buying today, though I am leaving lots of dry powder for coming weeks.

      Good luck to all, especially those who don't get too short-sighted...

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      • I also remember what happened when Fred bought Viatek and it went from 14.50 to .50. I am not selling nor am I buying. The open sell order at 35 is still there. If it gets filled in 2014, great. if not, I will reconsider a sell price next year. CAMP is not my big stock, even at triple what I paid for it. I bought a lot of CKSW at under $2, and even though this week has not been kind to that stock either, I believe I have a much better chance there than in CAMP. Good luck to all.

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    • Don't worry, Tucson, patience, and you'll get another chance (IMHO). But next time, try this: As it closes in on $35, do a covered call at $30. You'll get called out immediately, AND get a big fat premium, almost AS IF you sold at $35. (Probably higher!) I got half out at $30, but with my covered call, it was as if I'd sold at $33. (I also did a Sept. covered call at $40. It doesn't look as if I'll get called out this time, but the premium I got will keep me in macaroni and cheese for the rest of my life! (And, I get to do it again!) ;)

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      • Thanks Sarge for not laughing at me like Truejesus. Not very Christian of him. Actually, I had the 35 sell order in for weeks and never paid much attention to the daily price. I did not know it hit 34.85 until a day later and I believe that was when B. Riley made sure it would not reach 35. Even if I sold right now I would have a triple as my average price for all 10K shares is under 10, but I have been holding them in my 401K since 2004. I am at the age now, 66, that I just want to sell all the stock in my 401K and put it in a guaranteed 5% vehicle and then draw $14K a year to give my son. I have no need for the money and I can pay minimum taxes this way so he does not have to pay a huge sum to the IRS when I die. As always, good luck to all, with the possible exception of one person.

    • Span lost his #$%$ shorting campy in the teens months and months ago.

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