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  • quicktwosmile quicktwosmile Mar 21, 2014 4:31 PM Flag

    Lets Be Honest....there has been A LOT of Insider selling ......

    Ok.....the stock has held up really really well considering the huge amount of insider selling over the last 6-9 months......but that cant last forever and sooner or later the market figures out that people are selling for a reason......and this stock has run up with the BEST of the market runners.......

    So maybe its time for a pullback.......

    I sold out way too soon but might have a chance to buy it back if the insider selling is due to sales leveling off or a hiccup in revenue due to the Train prospects not coming to light due to delays in orders .

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    • Quicktwosmile's posts about insider trading (including some further down this topic) are at best naive, though more likely meant to exaggerate and outright deceive. Anyone who follows this stock knows that a variety of the execs customarily and consistently (quarterly after quarter, or year after year) sell off a very small portion of stock options, usually 10k shares. It is often offset by the new stock options they are granted each year. 10k option sales of the typical 300k - 400k options they hold is nothing. This behavior has been happening since well before the stock ever hit the $20's, possibly even the $10's.

      The shorties or those who want a better buy-in price would have you believe there is something sinister here. Don't get sucked in. Seriously, do you expect everyone working at higher-level positions at CAMP to never sell their options until they leave the company, and then be forced to take whatever price the stock happens to be at the time? And to live very frugally in expensive California the entire time they are associated with CAMP?

      So, if they'd like to buy a nicer house.. Or remodel... Or their kids are old enough for private school... Or they want to buy a nice new car... Or they are getting divorced... Or they are retired and/or may be leaving the board of directors eventually... Or they are simply following basic investment practices to lock in gains, shaving a little $$ off the top over time on very valuable stock holdings... Or, for those who have been there long enough - their contracts may even be expiring soon and would become worthless if they don't exercise (!)... Or they'd like to spread profits out across each tax year so they don't hit all in 1 year at the top tax rate (which where CAMP is located, would be about 57% state+fed)... Should they not sell some options for any of these things??

      The answer is of course that they should indeed be exercising some options every year, like they are doing.

    • i dont think anyone has factored in train contracts in the equation. Most of us gave up on them over a year ago.

    • I saw every insider transaction over the past month, and Burdiek and company may have lightened a few thousand shares; but keep in mind that they own several hundred thousand shares; so those of you who make it sound like the insiders have no faith in the prospects of this company, guess again!

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