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  • ipsosfund1 ipsosfund1 Jan 24, 2013 11:31 PM Flag

    The only Sensible question! WHO SHOULD BE FIRED??? VOTE HERE

    For this level of compete and utter failure there is no question in my
    Mind someone. Should be fired

    My #1 Neil warms
    -Canadian trash. Poor education. Novice manager. Naiv individual.
    Not a scientist, not a doctor, not a researcher. Subpar business school
    Terribl del maker. Who said he did want to "give away" the company at higher prices....
    Well here we r. Warma shouldbe canned 1 yr ao

    #2 seaman. Clow hedge fund operator with absolutely no business on a biotech board
    Which he knows nothing about. Plus he lost himself and the alkek foundation millions!!!
    Another clown who should b fired

    #3 Gail maderis. Failure at genz molecular oncology and has done nothing sinc being at opexa but watch the stock go down!

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