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  • go_mnkd go_mnkd Jul 16, 2010 10:12 AM Flag

    All Mannkind delays so far are a blessing in disguise


    That's the conclusion that I'm slowly arriving at. The delays have been painful but it'll turn out to be the best thing that has happened to us (longs).

    Here is the reasoning

    1) Cost side: The use of dreamboat increases the availability and reduces cost. If you go through NICE-UK docs, they use several modeling techniques to compute the "utility gains" & "incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER)". Afrezza should definitely come out better

    2) Training: Training costs will be much less for dream boat and the use and throw aspect will really add value. As less cleaning is involved, the maintenance issues will be less.

    3) Superiority data: Lot more data has been released in the last one year that adds a great deal of value. As I read both the Germany and NICE UK report, one thing that strikes me is how much Al Mann's comment about Exubera is reflected in these reports. The comment was, Exubera is just an inconvenient way to take insulin that offers no other benefit.

    4) Safety data: We've had countless trials, study trials, etc We've had Exubera patients transitioned to Afrezza and they are doing great. I think FDA is cognizant of all these. AND FDA has not asked for ANY NEW TRIALS/STUDIES in the latest CRL. IF NOT NOW, WHY LATER?

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    • you go yout happy way. i gave troub le counting the blessings of lousy estimates from mnkd leaders, incompetence or worse from the fda, cowardly investors who have been frightened off dozens times the bashers. all those blessings you count will make it hard to earn back more than a quarter million in options that have gone by the boards since last september and the absent partner. where is the new pr firm that put out two pieces of old news and disappeared? will mnkd refile in july? we were around for minimed and it was never the zoo this has become.

    • I usually agree w/ you, but not so much on this one. All of the events you describe as benefits would have been press releases subsequent to fda approval and likely would have fueled continuing share price appreciation. The one area where delay may benefit MNKD is w/ respect to partner valuation. All of the developments you describe should reduce risk and add value to partner agreement.

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