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  • diabeticinvestor diabeticinvestor Aug 6, 2010 7:22 AM Flag

    Biod and mnkd serious conversation

    As a holder of both what do you guys really see mnkd doing fir a few months? I mean there is literally no possible news on the horizon besides the potential of dilution. Really now, enough with the partnership pumping. If they get approved they will have their partner but not until then. Do you guys really see this staying at this level? I really am thinking about lightening up my mnkd position and buying a few more biodel shares. I just wasn't aware of their potential until recently and their mkt cap is ridiculously small? Serious replies only

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    • You claims to be long MNKD. You are a liar. Here's only of your recent posts. I think you should crawl back under the rock from which you came.

      "Mnkd's cancer products are snake oil I can agree with tydurban on something I guess. Oncology pipeline trends are really starting to move toward active immunotherapy. Everybody foolishly thinks that because dndn did so can we. A solid immunotherapeutic vaccine is still a good 6 to 7 years away. Dndn's success has yet to be seen and mnkd's existing parts vaccine is absolute BS. The company has afrezza that's it. If they cannot get that approved within the next 12 months it could be forced into bankruptcy. They burn over $7M a month in cash and really have only one drug. That's ridiculous and very inefficient. "

    • There has been lots of information published on this topic throughout for you to make your decision by yourself. If you believe, like several other Biod pumpers on here, that Biodel is a home run and their current market cap is an inexplicable oversight by the market, then go for it and good luck (you might need it).

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      • Yes I read that but the EDTA issue was already taken care of. It (viaject) contains 1/50th the amount of EDTA found in your can of pepsi and EDTA has been shown to be cytotoxic when digested but healthy for the pulmonary system when injected in small amounts like viaject. Also viaject chelates the zinc in the insulin hexamer so their is no net EDTA even in your bloodstream. Lastly biod has completed a clinical trial showing EDTA stress on blood vessel walls and it showed that there was zero change to them over time with no net EDTA in the bloodstream. EDTA is considered GRAS for all food products and body care products upto an amount 100 times larger than what's in Viaject. After doing my DD I don't buy into that link. I just think mnkd may cool off for a while and biod might be a good bet until then that's all.

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