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  • theabissell theabissell Apr 3, 2012 11:31 AM Flag

    Martin Shkreli profile

    I'm the marketing coordinator for Xconomy, a company specializing in high-tech news and events.

    Today we published the first profile ever written of Martin Shkreli, the controversial hedge fund manager who urged the FDA to reject MannKind's inhaled insulin product.

    Read it here:

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    • After further consideration on the subject, I have to revise my earlier idea regarding what "TRUE POETIC JUSTICE" for Martin Shkreli would actually involve. If "KARMA" decides to extract it's TRUE measure of "JUSTICE" from him, then Shkreli will invest the bulk of his ill gotten gains into the investment firm run by the NEXT "Bernie Madoff"
      charachter from Wall Street !!! GO MNKD !

    • There are probably patients waiting desperately for new treatments of their rare and neglected diseases.
      So we should wish Mr.Shkreli well and hope he will have a lot of success getting those treatments approved, now that he changed sides.
      After all, he makes the impression to be a more competent person in biotech field than many highly paid CEOs.

      And thank you for this profile and valuable insight !

    • It would be pure "poetic justice" for a group of MNKD stockholders to form an opposition party that
      protests to the FDA when Retrophin attempts to get it's first NDA approved ! Just getting to believe that we could be a partial reason for Shkreli's company getting it's first CRL would bring a great sense of satisfaction and "payback justice" ! GO MNKD !

    • Can't wait til Retrophin gets their first CRL.....As they say Payback's a B****!

    • "a very, very deficient clinical trial program"

      It so happens the clinicals on Afrezza are some of the most extensive trials ever done on a drug gaining approval. I think Shkreli missed developing his research skills when he flew through school learning how to be a "swashbuckler".

      I think they will like him when he finally gets to the federal prison.

    • theabissell : Thank you for posting the link to the Martin Shkreli profile. I find the profile very interesting and enlightening. I think it is very "telling", that even former hedge fund manager Jim Cramer does not wish to be associated with his former protege now.

      The profile description makes this guy sound like an "evil genius " type charachter, wild eyed and "loose cannon " reckless ! His demonstrated sense of "bravado" regarding the LEGALITY of his shorting stock is a level of "smugness" most unbecoming to a company executive. While his company shorting of publicly traded stock might be entirely legal; I find it hard to believe that the extent of his efforts to influence the decision of the FDA could be as well - at the same time !

      If I had to place a BET, however, I would have to believe that in HIS position (with the resources available to him)- he would have gotten expert legal opinions from multiple sources before so confidently proceeding to engage the FDA. I think there could be "outside" influences involved,
      making it extremely lucrative for him personally to lobby against MNKD on behalf of "OTHERS" interests. Conspiracy theorist ? Go ahead, laugh.
      GO MNKD ! GO DR. MANN !

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