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  • mikerconfer mikerconfer Jan 3, 2013 10:52 AM Flag

    Putting the "Fool" in Motley Fool

    "2 Risks that Could Crush MNKD in 2013"... Anyone care to guess what they are?

    1. The FDA fails to approve the Afrezza/Dreamboat combo.

    2. The product fails to sell.

    Now, unless I have my dates completely wrong, neither PDUFA nor Product Launch are even on the map until 2014 so how either could crush a stock in 2013 completely escapes me.

    Aside from that, aren't these risks common to all biotechs with product in development and therefore kind of a given for this stock?

    Yet again, Keith Speights has put the "FOOL" in Motley Fool.

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    • 1. Mannkind's inhalers won 1st and 3rd place with Merck coming in second in global international competition.
      2. The new inhaler needed actual trials in human not just bioequivalance testing thus the delay.

      Sure the FDA could say now after saying they want Mannkind to test in 4 year olds when the company only wanted to test in 12 year olds, but is that likely?
      What are the side affect of the drug? a slight cough in a few that goes away? They compaired this inhaled drugs lung function against an injected insulin and found no significant difference. So basically breathing air against Afrezza.
      No daily titration
      No carbohydrate counting
      No sight scaring
      12 minutes to peaking
      3 hours totally out of the body
      No hyperglycemic events if used alone in all cases even when you eat nothing!
      Weight neutral
      Superior Glycemic controls

    • I agree about the article being written by a 3rd grader (or someone that has no clue as to the history Exubera or the prior 2 CLRs )

      The guy must have done at least a 1/2 hour of DD, prior to wrting the article.

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    • Ha, you beat me to it.
      Mannkind has been fairly resilient.
      I expect them to remain so. I haven't seen anything to indicate that they have given up
      The Fool is wrong and I am tired of them sounding like a broken record.

    • Was the article written by a 3rd grader? Why even let that garbage be posted.

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      • 1 Reply to port071203
      • "Aside from that, aren't these risks common to all biotechs with product in development and therefore kind of a given for this stock?" .........ummmm no. quality biotech management doesnt dilute their shareholders to the point of irrelevancy and have to go beg its feeble incoherent founder for repeated life lines after tgeyve spent everything on S Class leases, wine, perpetual catering and sporting events.

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