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  • afrezzauser afrezzauser Mar 14, 2013 9:24 AM Flag

    My response to Montley Fools

    Your comment below shows your ignorance of what Afrezza is "unless investors are hoping a needle-phobic diabetic pope could be MannKind's next spokesman -"

    Did you know that the fact that Afrezza is inhaled is nothing more than a convenience of the product?

    Afrezza is ultra rapid insulin with an onset of 12 minutes. I would guess from personal experience that 90% of it is out of your system in 30 minutes. So what does this mean? This means that as a diabetic you can manage your blood sugar like a non diabetic hence the onset is about as fast as your pancreas. The fact that it does not linger around for 4 hours as insulins today do helps avoid the deadly lows. I would know since I almost died on normal insulin several times. Yes with Afrezza you can avoid the highs and the lows. You dont have to worry about night time lows as you can adjust your blood sugar in 30 minutes even at 10:30pm and by 11:15pm you can go to bed knowing that you will not have a low at night.

    Thats right I was on it for 6 months and it changed my life and now my compassion use application is before the FDA. So all of you people that keep posting ignorant information about a life saving product should be ashamed of yourself. At least you should do some research before posting such lines as "unless investors are hoping a needle-phobic diabetic pope could be MannKind's next spokesman -"

    What do type 2s do today? Instead of taking insulin they pop pills which burns out your pancreas and damages your kidneys. Soon enough they will able to take quick puff of Afrezza at a meal and it will help them process their meal just as fast as their pancreas would. Why do many type 2s pop pills? It is because of the stigma of the needles and diabetes. If they pop pills they think I am ok but in fact they are harming themselves. The current trials also involve type patients and it should be impressive.

    I can tell you that Afrezza changed my life and it will get approved. The current trials were designed hand

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