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  • houndaround45 houndaround45 Mar 14, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    IF... they find cancer relationship to these other drugs

    This may be the only game in town.....imagine holding the patent to asprin a round 1930....WOW seems to be very, very good news for MNKD. retirement at age 34

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    • MM I wish you no ill will just if what you are on is deemed to assist in cancer in any way there is no dr that will keep you on it due to malpractice suits. door open for MNKD. Wide open

    • Feed to much of anything to a rat and they get cancer. These claims are not new and will continue to resurface forever. Jenny McCarthy is still out on the talk show circuit claiming that vaccinations cause autism. It will never end. I am on one of the drugs mentioned and am not concerned at all.

    • how much does a 34 need to retire these days 1 -2 mil? I'm going for 10k a month in passive income. I'm very modest. I'm not a high roller like telsa rowe.

    • If afreeza doesn't affect the pancreas the same way these new drugs do, this could be huge news. Im not a doctor, but if I was, I would be weary of prescribing these drugs if the fda slaps a cancer warning on all of them. I believe one of them already has a warning label. Byetta and Bydureon are part of a drug class that mimics the GLP-1 hormone, triggering insulin production after a meal. Januvia and Janumet work by blocking the DPP-4 enzyme, which spurs release of more insulin from the pancreas.
      These new drugs do multibillions in revenue for the manufacturers.
      If the fda comes down hard on these manufacturers and warns or even pulls the drugs, wouldn't these companies be more likely to partner of buy a drug like afreeza if they lose the revenue from these drugs.

      Does afreeza have the same properties (mimic glp-1 hormone or block dpp-4 enzyme) like these new drugs or is it more similar to the older class of diabetes drugs (humalog etc)? Any docs out there?

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      • dixie047 Mar 14, 2013 4:29 PM Flag

        Does not matter. If a person has Type 1 Diabetes, they need their insulin, period. If Afrezza is the lesser evil of all those other insulin suppliers out there (the safest, or at least safest the longest before any problems show up) then diabetics will switch to Afrezza. Kids who do not want needles any longer will also be switched to Afrezza, once those studies are completed.
        Afrezza will be approved, otherwise we have to assume that the FDA is a real f--up (on the side of Big Pharma). The FDA is what we all have to worry about (Hamburg has her head up her #$%$!), don't have to worry about safety/efficacy of Afrezza, or Al Mann's deep pockets and fortitude to Get R' Done for diabetics around the globe.

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      • bballmak,

        If you go through some past transcripts you'll find Al's comments on the issue of Afrezza's use and what he believes its effects are on the pancreas. I believe his statement was that it has the possibility to halt the progression of diabetes....

      • bballmak,Afrezza is simply insulin delivered by inhalation.

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