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  • pfg_01 pfg_01 Apr 12, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Not much of a sale off

    All of this manipulation by the big boys and all they are able to accomplish is to return the price to where it was three days ago! I think the majority of the intelligent retail investors are saying thank you for providing us with another buying opportunity...LOL

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    • stock will go down further but then will be a screaming buy!!!!!!!

    • Hi pfg
      Check my post today and put up any questions you may have.

      • 1 Reply to jt1550
      • Jt, thank you for the offer. However, I have no questions. I have done my research, and I understand exactly what total nonsense the article yesterday was. With billions upon billions of dollars that are going to be made by the investment community when Afrezza is approved, and many shorts losing signifiant amounts, we are simply seeing the true nature of many individuals and organizations come through. No one should be surprised with the total lack of ethics that are shown my the major players when it comes to their attempts to manipulate this and other stocks to their advantage. I have certainly been wrong many times in the past, and will be wrong many more times in the future. However, never in my life have I felt and been so confident about an investment in my life. This is an investment opportunity of a lifetime, and around this time next year I fully expect I will be lying on a beach somewhere celebrating!!!

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