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  • afrezzauser afrezzauser Apr 15, 2013 10:59 AM Flag

    My reply to Adam Feuerstein on SA

    I am waitinf for suggestions on how to solve my issues on novolog that I did not have on Afrezza


    Do you have any type one or type 2 family members or close friends?

    I have been a type one diabetic for over 10 years who has had problems with lows. I have also had large spikes after meals and lows when I crash. Most diabetics become hypo unaware after many years of these swings so timing meals for me is risky as if my novolog or humolog kicks in quicker I could go into a coma and possibly die.

    I was on Afrezza for 6 months and let me tell you the lows vanished. Do you know how easy it was for me to manage my blood sugar? Never in 10 years have a i lived so comfortable with no worries of lows at night as i would say most of Afrezza worked out of my system in 25-45 minutes. I pricked my finger over 1000 times in 6 months and let me tell you only 132 other Afrezza users in the world would know how well this works.

    1. Lower A1C
    2. Non existent severe lows for me.
    3. No spikes after meals.
    4. No crashes after meals
    5. No lingering insulin for 5 hours
    6. Less finger pricking as you are living in real time and you dont stack. (for study off course I had to do it a good bit)
    7. No carb counting (as i did not) Still better to do it but not necessary
    8. No advance meal planning.
    9. Did not have to carry emergency candy and sugars around once I was comfortably with Afrezza.

    So now I am back on Novolog dealing with the same issues as I dealt with for 10 years.

    So please tell me how I can solve the above issues on my current insulin.

    Thanks in advance.

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