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  • incar82 incar82 Apr 17, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    RECORD 4 Hitpieces in less than 2 weeks and the stock is still near $4.00. Anymore coming in?

    I have never seen so much Hitpieces with a stock that has no adverse effects in Trials or even as Exubera. These Hitpeieces must be looked at by someone. I hope that Al Mann is taking notes and will drive a wedge into these Bashers guts with full force. With all these hitpieces, we have Institutions still buying this stock. I hate to see when NEWS hits them in the positive side to see how much this stock will go up. This is setting up for quite a ride on teh upside. Hate to say it, but Hitpieces ain't wokking anymore.

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    • Elsie does not seem to mind the shorts. You seem to be just focusing on shorts. Why the hate dude?

    • What impresses me is that of all the drugs that are currently in development and all that have passed FDA scrutiny with major side affects, including risk of death, that so much attention is given to MNKD. Are these people aware that there are other companies worth bashing out there? What makes MNKD draw this much attention? Are they afraid of the blockbuster potential? Are they afraid of losing money on their short position? Do they hope the drug fails to teach us fat diabetics a lesson (yes I am diabetic and fat).

    • I think Al has thick skin and doesn't give a rats #$%$ about these bottom feeders. He has his own agenda and time table....he will WIN BIG and take us with him.

    • When institutions have enough of MNKD stock in their portfolio, they will start announcing upgrades. They must be very grateful to the shorts and their stooges for their desperate efforts in trying to drive the price down. Just think if the shorts were not working so hard, the PPS would probably be over 6 or 7 by now. This is only pent up demand, when the upgrades start to come in, we will make up for lost time.

      Lets not forget Adam F. and Bill whats his face in the future. When they publish hit pieces in the future about other companies, let some of use pay a visit to their respective MB and recount how wrong these stooges were. How they seemly were doing the bidding of the short hedge funds and probably getting paid for it.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • 4 hit pieces, starting at 3.75, and the stock is up 7% since

3.885+0.195(+5.28%)Sep 4 3:59 PMEDT