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  • calcsmart calcsmart Apr 17, 2013 6:18 PM Flag

    new here...investment thesis?

    Can any longs give me the investment thesis here? Just discovered that an insider bought a little over a $100,000,000 of stock a couple months ago...i'm very intrigued by this

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    • It's a high risk speculative investment that happens to be approaching the home stretch after almost a decade since the IPO. Near term catalysts should move the price higher, but also has enormous short interest and possibly hedge fund involvement who want to see it collapse. Also an argument for the possibility of more share dilution. Now you have both sides of the coin.

    • You shall find no love here Mr. "calcsmart"

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • buy low and sell high. Class dismissed.

      PS: its low now

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You've just stepped into a gold mine at the right time. For a start, Al Mann has founded or funded 9 companies that have sold for over $8billion, and has been involved in everything from coclear implants to insulin pumps. He also donates most of his wealth to research and charity. This company is named after him and will be his legacy. The drug afrezza will be the biggest revolution to the massive and growing diabetes market in over 40 years. The technosphere patent itself is estimated to be worth $1billion. The charts, stock volume, story, etc. all point to this being a huge home run, to the tune of 500-2000% upside from here depending on how things play out. If MNKD is bought out afrezza is potentially worth 10-20b itself even before it proves itself in the market with any sales.

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      • Wow phoqoo you're generous. I hate to be cynical but I tire of people who act like they no nothing about Mannkind and yet have purchased shares (presumably) and then seek justification for their purchase. The bottom line is, why can't people just be genuine? To believe that you can have any influence good or bad over a stock on a message board is just ludicrous.


    • Yea, gotta love this. The thesis here is.....DO SOME HOMEWORK! That little box on the top right of your screen? Type "google" into it and start there. Get back to us on what you find ok? Geez!


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