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  • afrezzauser afrezzauser Apr 22, 2013 7:40 PM Flag

    Wont be posting the video. Last thoughts

    For reason I wont go into here I wont be posting any videos. It was not a big deal anyways and honestly I really dont need to prove anything to anyone here. Whatever I say and do wont change the outcome of the drug. Not sure what OPC is babbling about but if the FDA does not grant me compassion use it would be for the lack of data from my original doctor. Some like to think here that getting compassion use is a simple process and you just fill out some forms..Not that simple. I am sure some will get granted compassion use which will be great. I will just have to wait till it is approved by the FDA. I have no association with Adam Feuerstein so not sure what he is babbling about either. People that mock people with diseases that are looking for a better way to manage it are despicable human people. It seems everything is profit motivated in society and people could care less unless it personally effects their health or family members. The information I posted is all true and it was no different than any other trials that everyone has heard about. You can listen to Al Mann on any conference tell you the same thing. The only difference is I used it for 6 months and Al Mann has not. I know the difference it made in my life and in my families and friends life and I could do what I wanted on the fly without every having to wait for my insulin to kick in and worry where my blood sugar was at any given point in time. I am not going to rehash a million thoughts and posts. I appreciate the outreach of all the diabetics and rest assured it almost impossible to understand what a difference Afrezza makes when you control your blood sugar in real time and not having to wait for the insulin to kick in hours later until you are on it yourself If anyone wants to know more what insulin stacking and crashing does to you just google it. Also google how many people die of low blood sugars.

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    • afrezzauser,
      It takes a lot of courage to step out and share things about your personal life, your struggles and triumphs, your passion and hopes for others. To endure doubt and ridicule, and continue spreading the hope of your message. Your words are heard and believed by many. Thank you so much. Please wear a thick skin, and never quit sharing.

    • Another vote of support AU. This board has become crazy lately. There is almost nothing worth reading anymore since we are all just waiting for the trials to conclude. We should see another lull mid summer as we wait for August results. I have decided to take a sit back and watch stance. Afrezza was al but approved and all of the negative comments in the world from Adam Foolstien (or whatever his name is) or wackos on this board will not matter. I believe due to the complete anonymous nature of a message board people are generally skeptical (and should be) of posters claims which led to their feelings about you. Hang in there, be well and let's all hope Afrezza is approved as soon as possible.


    • what the big worry about is with the fda is someone on the fda panel could be influenced by big pharma like lilly and other. corruption is what i call it

    • afrezzauser, OPC is a suicidal Biodel bag holding fool. She will never be the same after her massive loss on that pos stock. GLTY, TY

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Thank you AU for your posts. What lurks on this board is a shame. I am confident your experience on Afrezza has continued to be duplicated, as I am sure the latest trials will show more clearly.

      For well over 10 years, Al has highlighted the superior pharmacokinetics of Afrezza. When you have the whole world focused on A1cs alone for nearly a century, it takes time to re-educate the population. They will soon understand more fully the dangers of the excursions that Afrezza minimizes and the misleading low A1cs resulting from current insulin treatment. Sure, if you keep sugar levels dangerously high half of the time and near comatose lows the other half then you get a beautiful average.

      Carry on AU.

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