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  • congomunro congomunro May 18, 2013 12:23 AM Flag

    Here's the reason we finished in the Green but not has Green Today

    A moderately known Bio tech newsletter which currently has only about 5 bio tech stocks they follow put a sell notice on 4 out of the 5 issues. All these issues have produced between 47% to 97% gains The( mnkd) gains are currently over 100% from their original buy notices. I am a subscriber of this service and their goal is to make a respectable profit and then jettison. This is good for the service which is up substantially overall, but they admit they may miss some home. So, when I got the sell notice yesterday for all the issues, I had a big problem. I have been around Bio techs for sometime and I KNOW these issue's naturally rise to trial results. It is a given that a company like MNKD with such a huge, disruptive, potential blockbuster drug will naturally rise going into June, july and of course long as the perception of good news will follow.

    Therefore I didn't sell.That's because I' have been to more than one of these rodeos and I know how these go. To me there is NO RISK in acquiring MNKD shares over the next month and riding them to pre trial announcement levels. However, for those in large positions that don't care to believe, taking a profit and moving on is a sensible strategy. This of course,, being true most of the time. The conundrum for me was there was nothing better out there to go to I and I see nothing but potential ups.So, I
    can't see not being in and staying in for the next wave up. Therefore, I'll stay and stay, stayed until I reach what I think this fabulous story will pay. Perhaps Monday will be your last good entry point in a once in a decade big story. Then again, perhaps not. For me I willing to bet on this one and stay the course! Then, if and when it hits I'll go back to following the conservative advice of a hit and run player service. My feeling is, they will be kicking their butts on why they didn't stay, just like all those that are trying to decide to get in on this sexy fabulous story. That's the truth!

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    • If you've been around a long time, then you know that they won't wait until August to announce the result if it is bad.

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      • good point and it's true. However, there is the presence of previous trials and submissions, and absolutely no negative hints so far. That's not money in the bank but the chances look better this time. Still, it's a risk to take. For me it's worth the gamble. For one reason, I'd love to see something shake up the diabetes world and reduce the hypo deaths which are devastating to families. You think you have a life line and protocol and you follow it and you still end up dead.Also, I hope Al hits a home run before heading of into eternity. I'd also like him to donkey punch the paid carnival shrills like Adam and his hedge fund sharpies into a black out coma.

      • My observation is there is usually a selloff about three months before a bio reports results. You're right, if the results are bad they are usually released early. Therefore, a lot of investors get out now, then gradually get back in as time passes and risk decreases. Not sure if 5.46 was the first top, but many think 6-8 when results are reported. We could retrace to under 5, then back to 8 going into results. The wildcard is that the market is in the midst of a small cap boom, so the downside could be short and the upside could go higher than eight as all the power ball losers decide to take a chance on something with better odds.

    • As a follow up, before they attempt to silence this truth by the desperate re-posters let's just say the next 6 weeks will bring a fairly certain profit and thereafter perhaps the pick of a lifetime. There is no dead money here, just those that are in now, and those that wish they had got in now.Make no mistake, this is a sexy story and that always is a great card to play. Go Mr.Mann and full fill your destiny. You are from a time past a much better and noble one. .

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