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  • 6d87d2d5b3362373ed790e3eaf19ed0f 6d87d2d5b3362373ed790e3eaf19ed0f May 22, 2013 10:11 PM Flag

    Several reasons why I sold MNKD

    To start off, I've been following MNKD for more than 6 years. Bought and sold multiple times and believed in the potential of inhalable insulin. Plus, I believed in Al Mann that he would not disappoint us..

    Today, I sold all my MNKD stocks and there are several reasons why I decided to stop investing on this small biotech company. Yes, I maybe wrong and no one knows what the future is, so please feel free to comment your opinion but please be serious. This is just my personal opinion, so please no personal attack. No offense.

    1. Currently the most popular insulin treatments are slow acting kind and they are popular because it's cheap, long-lasting, and relatively safe (less likely to cause complications like hypoglycemia). MNKD's AFFREZZA is rapid acting variety and yes it can get to desired glucose level fast but can cause hypoglycemia quickly.

    2. One of the major advantages AFFREZZA has is that patients no longer need to #$%$ with needle to inject insulin. However, applications like insulin loaded pens with superfine needles that are almost pain-free are already available and are already so versatile that I don't think AFFREZZA will become a game changer in diabetic treatment market even after FDA approval. Again, I maybe wrong but you should know your enemies.

    3. If FDA approval goes well, AFFREZZA will become available in the market with a premium. Would people still pay the premium for inhalable type instead of injection type? It will be a life-long investment for diabetics. Yes, there will be some demands but would not be a blockbuster, IMHO.

    I didn't mean to disappoint people on this board but you need to know that MNKD is not a gold mine. MNKD still has several hurdles to go through. I recommend doing a little research about diabetes, its treatments, and what's currently available on the market. If possible, talk to someone who's diabetics and doctors.

    I decided to share my story because you should have known these even as an investor.

    Best wishes!

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Yeah, right.

      Why did you ever buy MNKD in the first place ?

    • Lame, sold all your MNKD, but came back here to out of the goodness of your heart to try & get longs to sell. Gimme a break.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • thanks, darth_trader_92660

    • Greetings ????

      Whether you are a totally legit poster or not - is much less important than that you are factual.

      I find many of your statements to not be factual and here is why:

      1. Afrezza's true advantages is that it is both fast acting - resulting in a VERY controllable dosage dispensed effect. Slow acting insulin products create a high and low effect which has always been a problem for diabetics relating to eating and food intact time frames - but they had no other choices. Afrezza is the first tested choice that actually delivers that controlled insulin leveling effect relating to eating and food intake. In fact it worked so good that the FDA specifically requested MNKD test on an expanded basis for the phase 3 - because of the potential extra groups not originally considered. Lets be exactingly clear - the FDA requested a broadened study beyond MNKD's plan. That is very very good for MNKD and us as shareholders.

      2. insulin loaded pens are not the competition - but the company that makes them could be a suitor for MNKD. Pens are just contained versions of what already exists - and the same issues of injectables are the same issues of pens. Exubera wasn't the answer and neither are pens - a completely new technology is needed and medically justified . . . . and safer from contamination I might add.

      3. Lastly - I don't care if you've followed for 6 days or 6 years . . . you've clearly missed the mark on understanding that MNKD is a superior product and method - but is not a Premium pricing. In fact - years ago and today - shareholders that are actually following the company know that the profit margins on MNKD will be higher, yet the pricing to the customer will be the same or less than injectables. Why? because the technology reduces costs of product production and SIMULTANEOUSLY increases user benefit and results at either the same or reduced cost per dosage. Afrezza is a superior product - not a premium priced product.


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      • Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I will re-consider about the points I made..

        I was looking for someone like you to discuss about the downside of MNKD. but then I realized this is not the right board to discuss topics like this...

        On the side note, if it worked so well, FDA could have given PMA (premarket approval) but instead they asked for more study..

    • " I decided to share my story because you should have known these even as an investor."

      Probably the best statement that you made of why you are sharing your story as we are investors in the know. Please go back to a better school this time and learn how to communicate intelligently. Thank you!

    • total bs. i guess saying you've followed it 6 yrs automatically makes it true. Typical short basher. I'll be glad when all of you are hung by your sacs in the streets.

    • a6d87d2d5b3362373ed7903eaf19ed0f

      is different from


    • Obviously someone named
      is trying to pretend it's me.

      FYI, I did not name this ID. It sounds like some temporary hash code that yahoo auto assigns.

      Whoever created this knockoff, are you afraid that people will realize the truth?

      Come on people. Wake up.

    • If you only just followed this board with no other research you would be aware of your mistake. (Honestly half here are crazy and lack the ability to spell or complete a sentence without grammatical errors). With that said buy back in. Even a glass half full pessimist now knows this will only go up until August (Worst case scenario).
      The misconception is that Hedge funds cant get in until 5, when in truth they can get in at any number but the magic is at 6. Now the big boys have come to play. This is going much higher than the conservative numbers being tossed around. I will still recommend this as a buy at 10. Best of luck

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I know you are come with a different ID, you are Adam Fuscker, get lost and never ever show up in this board

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