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  • flyonnthewall May 24, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    Dear Adam, the thesis has changed, and your pride is blinding you.

    Although I appreciate a contrary point of view to keep me grounded I must say you are not keeping your opinion up to date. Comparing Afrezza to its own side effects, Lung function, is your angle. And it was the FDAs as well. Buuuuutttttt, Now the FDA is more concerned with the cancer risks associated with linjeta, bydureon and januvia, in addition to the Alzheimer's risks of metformin. The FDA will swallow its pride and it will consider Afrezza the lesser of five evils with its lung function concerns. My wife a Dr. Has always pointed to the lung concerns when considering Afrezza, and she was concerned if doctors would prescribe it. But now as these other side effects from the other drugs come to light she sees Afrezza as the lowest risk choice. The FDA needs an alternative choice to turn to when they pull the other drugs off the market. You cannot compare Afrezza to Afrezza. The lawyers are already running tv commercials looking for cancer patients from the other drugs. The doctors will be looking for an alternative to this massive liability of bydureon, linjeta and januvia and metformin. By the way Adam, take some metformin and #$%$ yourself a few times with friends and you will much rather take a puff of afrezza.. Adam, have you to much pride to see the light, are you to busy to research the winds of change or do you make money to write inflammatory contrary opinions regardless of the big picture?

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