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  • going1green going1green Jun 22, 2013 8:40 AM Flag

    Pfizer Had $billions to Market Their Product & It Failed. MNKD Has No Marketing $.


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    • Pfizer's Exubera found links to lung cancer with their product (That is why it failed!)....This is something that MNKD's Afrezza has never shown any signs of, and IMO won't. -- MNKD should have never fallen from its once $20 range..but fear drives the stock market. Clearly you're trying to use that tactic right now with this ludacris post.

      I've read this message board for years and this is my first post. I've watched this board decline recently, and it's frustrating. I don't mind if you're a short or long, but I don't like manipulative college punks who think they are big shots with their 500 shares of MNKD.

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    • trillium44 Jun 22, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

      F@#$ your amazingly intelligent! I hope you didn't lose sleep over that last night!

    • Oops! That did not go over well going1green. Sit back in your chair a really think this time. Ask yourself "what deceptive story can i create this time around that will get these people to sell", Most of us know the Pfizer story so you gotta try something different. How about this one - The warehouse that's storing the insulin purchased from Pfizer blew up.

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    • No amount of marketing was going to make that system a commercial success!! have you ever been able to find any comments from diabetics anywhere that said "oh I wish Pfizer hadn't canceled that- it was absolutely the best thing since..." The reason is, because it was an absolute pile of dog doo.... If it actually worked as well as it was intended, IT WOULD HAVE SOLD ITSELF!!!! Likewise, have you ever been able to find even one diabetic that can honestly say " Oh I just love my needles, my diabetes is under perfect control- even the ones that do have their diabetes under perfect control, the disease ends up running their lives, every activity has to be taken into account as to how it influences sugar levels. The fact of the matter is that for most diabetics, even the ones that really TRY (and most don't try as hard as they should) to keep their sugar levels under control, it is just a huge DRAMA to keep it under control, something that non diabetics can never really understand. I have friends that are type one, (and know of their struggles- it is very much the same as AFFREZAUSER has talked about) and I explained to them how the MNKD system works, and their eyes just lit up- they got it immediately what a giant improvement this would be over what they are doing now.
      The ONLY thing that is relevant here about the Pfizer/MNKD comparison is that Pfizer had an extremely
      bad, clunky, hard to use system- AND it got approved! This, of course, really means that Pfizer set an extremely low bar for approval for a inhaled insulin system, as long as the proper tests are done properly.

    • IBM was a giant last century 80s. It designed PC for fun (and maybe to beat APPL's Mac) but even did not bother to write the OS (life was good ...) So look at today's APPL and MSFT.

      History repeats itself. In my vision, MNKD is the next MSFT. Go MNKD.

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    • Clown. That's what a partner will cover, and you can expect MNKD to partner with the best (Sanofi, LLY, etc).

    • Ooohhhhh noooo. How dumb do you think people are.. then again, you are a short.

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