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  • liberal_nation liberal_nation Jun 23, 2013 4:26 PM Flag

    Diabetic Investor: Don't Believe The Inhaled Insulin Myth


    "Try as he might, Mann cannot get around the fact that when it comes to inhaled insulin, it doesn't matter if Afrezza is the best insulin ever invented (which it isn't.) Suckers who invest in MannKind believe Afrezza will be a blockbuster because it's inhaled rather than injected. Diabetic Investor doesn't necessarily fault Mann for his belief in Afrezza, after all he's invested nearly $1 billion of his own money into the company, so it makes perfect sense for him to make grandiose over-the-top statements about its potential. The fault lies with the investors who are dumb enough to believe the hype and buy into the inhaled insulin myth. Consider that Pfizer -- a company with far more resources than MannKind -- lost over $4 billion on Exubera."

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    • Diabetic Investor may just be the dumbest people on the planet. I, for one, have made quite a bit of money investing in MNKD.

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    • Really, is that the best you can do, bring up Exubera yet again? You are beyond stupid. And rightfully ignored. Buh bye.

    • Your a moron one of the best clinics in the world mass general where I go is anxiously awaiting the outcome of these trials...all the doctors the believe strongly in thiss application and more than half are investors...hahaha keep spewing this #$%$ you might get a few weak hands to sell and I'll be there to buy up those cheap shares

    • Gee Mr. Liberal_Nation-isn't democracy wonderful---its lets morons like you who know absolutely NOTHING-express their opinion no matter how stupid it is!!!

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      • 1 Reply to voisybay
      • Actually no, it is not wonderful even though I gave your post a thumbs up. In his case, I prefer communism where stupid people like him would be tied to a rock and sent swimming. Or Sparta. This seemed to clean the environment of damaging junk which would bring down the species overall. Unfortunately, in communism the "judges" were stupid thiefs playing on the majority of the illiterate population, and in Sparta, there were too many low class creeps and malformats which eventually overcame pure breeds. Of course there are exceptions, but too few and far between.

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    • kingmike42 Jun 23, 2013 9:31 PM Flag

      One reason why Exubera was pulled from the shelve was lack of demand and that was only 6 years ago. I believe diabetics would remember and not want to switch to another inhaled product which does NOT stop the need for needles. One reason for the lack of demand was because the price of the Exubera was higher than the shots. It cost more to produce a inhaled product and the Dream Boat than it does a syringe.
      Diabetics will need the syringe any way. With the cost of two insulins and the Dream Boat and a syringe. I think most people will just stick to being stuck. Exubera failed to gain acceptance by patients and doctors.
      The national health system in the UK refuse to pay for Exubera because
      " it could not be proven to be more clinically or cost effective than existing treatments". The quote above is from Wikipedia. Since the US is going to a govt health care system I suspect the same for afreeza.
      Short term, 6 to 12 months, I think this stock can hit 30/share. After the sales disappoint the stock will be lucky to be at 5.00/share, but thats 8 to 12 months away. I have 3000 share at about $4.00/share. If it gets north of 20 I would probably sale. It's not important if I leave money on the table it is important not to lose money.

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    • Liberal
      I bought in to the hype in 2010 and lost a bundle.
      This company has $2bn MC and we do not know whether the trial numbers are good. Twice turned down by the FDA and where is the risk reward here. Lots of hype.

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