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  • optionsrbest4u optionsrbest4u Jul 12, 2013 9:06 PM Flag

    Interesting FWIW - Max Pain for July is @ $7 - Sept. indicates a drop to $6ish...*Read/Prepare*

    I am wondering if this indicates shorts are planning a massive short increase, naked if required, to stifle any s/p rise upon positive trial results. Of course that is a given if there is a missed endpoint arising from one of the trials. So far we can see how the shorts have successfully checked any s/p rise above $7 It will be interesting to see the next short interest report, but obviously the shorts aren't panicking to cover - yet.
    *BTW - Max Pain has always been a rather hit & miss indicator of future price action, so like I say - FWIW.

    Really just a heads up for those of you who may be absolutely certain that MNKD s/p is going vertical into mid-August and have placed sig. bets in the near-term options so to capitalize on it.

    Be Prudent - these shorts have a game-plan, even assuming they don't have non-public information, and they are likely very very well capitalized. Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see a very brief massive short attack which could take the s/p down to around $4 sometime before news actually is released, likely Aug. 7th-9th, as I doubt they are confident enough to time it any closer to exact 'mid-August'; don't be surprised if it is precipitated by an absurd downgrade and a scathingly negative AF hit piece.

    Best of Luck to all Longs

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Just an Update -

      Sure enough, they took us down to near $7 on the 19th. Max Pain for Aug. has dropped to $5.50ish, though with a bias still above $6.
      Short Interest out tomorrow (7/24) - very revealing if our shorts have ceased reducing their position.
      If shorts are digging in, I expect them to try and turn the MACD neg. on increasing volume aiming first for the 50 dma at about $6.75 in prelude to one last serious bear raid. Earlier I speculated that they might launch such around Aug. 7th-9th, but I am thinking that is just cutting it too close and chancing an 'early' (B4 mid-Aug.) release of positive trial results - thinking now they may launch btwn the 25th and the 2nd; again just silly speculation, maybe the raids are over, or maybe our majors just don't allow it. At last raid we were still into overbought territory, not so at present, and I think, for maximum effect, the shorts are going to want to start the raid from around the 50 dma this time.

      *Hopefully many took profits or bought some protection when we spiked so far into overbought area recently.

    • Forewarned is Forearmed mate, but I doubt we could be so lucky to have such an engineered share price drop without actual negative news. But I sooooo hope you are right! I cashed my options in already and just went for cash, so no worries about short term share price manipulation there.

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