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  • jt1550 jt1550 Jul 23, 2013 4:30 PM Flag

    MannKind Nears End of Clinical Trial, Medical Breakthrough

    Mostly for practical reasons, if the company gets FDA approval, Pfeffer said it’s more likely that MannKind will manufacture Afrezza but market it through an existing pharmaceutical company.

    “Marketing Afrezza would entail a huge sales force, and trying to create one of those from scratch would be pretty daunting,” he said.

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    • Keep talking out of your #$%$ :-)

    • I agree Mannkind will not and is not in position to commercialize Afrezza today, but I believe they will leave the door open in the partnership agreement and reserve the right to jointly commercialize Afrezza in the U.S. Mannkind may one day decide to build their own commercial organization and take back some of Afrezza sales by jointly selling the drug with their partner in the U.S. Original royalty arrangement may be 50/50, but that could become 60/40 down the road if Mannkind begins selling it as well.

    • clevans1 Jul 23, 2013 4:39 PM Flag

      You are correct, saleforce easier said than done. A partner just needs to step forward. I have submitted my application, have you? Not kidding, did it about a year ago.

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    • ok if its near a breakthrough then why is this stock sinking

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      • And no one offered to partner:-)

      • bearmlp Jul 24, 2013 1:47 AM Flag

        Cause you are a dumb F goof splat who probably was reared on lead paint and mule droppings. Drop dead you mundane bore. Get a friggin Job and quit begging for pennies.

      • If you had tripled your investment wouldn't you be thinking about taking some off the table? I expected a sell-off, just not this early. May mean we get another run up and down before results.

      • charlie, can't wait for the start of the run up. You'll be the first I kick sand at. But, your probably #$%$ with all of us and are long. Either way, your momma probably kicked sand in your face long ago. tool.

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      • Charles, you must not be able to read a chart! Since the bear raid on 6/18 followed by the bottoming of the PPS on 6/25, MNKD's stock has been on a slow but continual climb with some small periods of consolidation. All anyone has to do is look at the 3 month chart to understand that. Really, you need to come up with a new argument, that is actually supported by the facts, if you are going to continue to try and bash MNKD.

        The final run-up pre-release of the trial data will not start till just before the very end of the month. Why? Because most retail investors have already taken positions earlier, and the next influx of money from the big boys will occur as normal at the very beginning of next month.

        Plus, in case you have not noticed, NASDAQ has been down a combined total of about 25-30 points since last Tuesday. That means there would of been likely an outflow of funds from ETFs focused on Nasdaq small caps. Which means related ETFs holding MNKD's stock would of decreased their holdings because of the overall cash outflow, and not because of anything specific to MNKD.

        So again, Charles, please learn to read the charts. Learn to understand general stock cycles. Learn to understand how ETF cash flow impacts small cap stocks. Bottom line, actually start educating yourself on how the market works.

      • clevans1 Jul 23, 2013 4:40 PM Flag

        Ole Charley, the guy who is as SHORT as they come. Another one the S.E.C. is looking for!!

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